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    Testing out of a Training - Captivate 5

    Evan Berrett Level 2

      I work for a University, and currently the online training developers are musing about the option of allowing trainees (employees, students, whatever) to test out of a training. We're not really sure how to go about this using Captivate, however. We are still using Captivate 5, but we are presently working on obtaining a license for Captivate 6.


      So to be more specific, some trainings are done just to meet compliance issues. There are some, however, that could meet compliance needs just by passing a test/quiz. But how do we force a user to take a training if they don't pass a quiz?


      I was thinking of two setups, both of which I don't know how they would work.


      A) Two modules setup as a program in an LMS. First is a pre-test, if passed, it would cause the program as a whole to be complete. If failed, the program would not be complete and the training would need to be completed. I'm not sure how to have Captivate tell an LMS to complete a whole program if the user passes only one module.


      B) One module, allow the user to skip to the quiz. If failed, force the user to start the training over again. I can forsee a loop-hole however of a user just closing the training, restarting, and thus taking it (the quiz) over and over again until they pass.


      Any thoughts?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Both ways are possible. In Captivate 6 it is easier to have a pretest and a 'real' assessment at the end, but you are not talking about that last one?


          Also: some functionality could be taken over by the LMS, depending on its possibilities. Just an example (I'm teacher in a college): I can offer an assessment (pretest), and if the student fails, will show the training modules using the LMS, whereas for success this shouldn't be necessary. The same assessment used as pretest can also be re-used as final test.


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            Evan Berrett Level 2

            Would the training modules show up as mandatory? And can you disable the pretest once the training modules open?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              That is typically a LMS functionality IMO.



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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I concur with Lieve.  A Captivate SCORM module cannot MAKE itself mandatory to force the user to take it.  That's something that has to be controlled by the course delivery system.


                Think of the course as being vegetables and your mother as being the LMS.  Whether or not you had to eat your vegies was not decided by the pumpkin.


                If the pretest is a separate module to the main content and assessment, then whether this gets disabled or not is also going to be something decided by the LMS.  However, if you are using the new Pretest functionality offered in Cp6 and everything is inside the same project file, then you would be able to control whether or not the user was able to redo the pretest from within the course module itself. But this assumes that whatever the condition is that determines the availability of the pretest is something that is also found within the module.