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    Refine Edge - Removing mask edge ?




      I teach Photoshop 5.5 and have started teaching Photoshop Touch to some of my younger students.


      I am having trouble with the refine edge tool which works well in CS 5.5


      The scribble selection tool works well however I need to use the refine edge tool to improve the selection. This works well until I need to remove part of the mask.


      I change to the eraser, however it does not remove the area that is now selected.


      Where can I find more info and tutorials on using the refine edge tool to get a perfect edge selection?


      I am trying to extract people to create a collage.

      Thank You


      Sean Udal

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          Warunicorn MVP

          This looks like a bug actually; when I make a selection and then try to refine using the refine edge tool, I cannot add OR subtract from the mask (and the mask edge gets really wonky when you first paint or erase).


          Can anyone from Adobe confirm? Using PS Touch ver. 1.2 for Android.

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            Sharon Huang Community Member

            I have just used the tool today and I found that the Refine edge tool works best for detailed selections such as hair and fur. I'm not sure whether there is a bug or not, however. I would use the brush selection tool instead to refine the rough selection from the scribble selection tool. Hope this helps!