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    Adobe AIR crashes during League of Legends

    Ryan S6. Level 1

      Hi there, my name is Ryan, and i have a problem.

      That problem is Adobe AIR. Whenever i log into a game called League of Legends, sometimes i will receive a message that says "Adobe AIR Debug Launcher has stopped working". then the only action that i can perform is closing the program. This normally happens in champion select and when it happens in champion select i get penalized and have to wait 5-15 minutes to play another game, and i lose 10 ELO (the ranking system for League of Legends). This problem has been occuring for over two months now and it is a common problem in the League of Legends community that Riot (makers of League of Legends) seem to ignore. So, i decided to come here, and hopefully one of you Adobe employees could help me out

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