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    Samsung Galaxy Note? Why is it not compatible?

    zarrdave Community Member

      The Samsung Galaxy Note now seems to meet all hardware and software technical requirements of this software so will Adobe be bringing out an Android version thats compatable with it now? Ok, its technically not a tablet I know (its a Phablet - hybrid of a phone and tablet) and Adobe will say its designed for a tablet only, but why? The Galaxy Note has an ample processor, GPU, screen resolution, IceCreamSandwich OS, stylus etc, and there are unoficial hacks available if your that way inclined which run fine on the Note, so its perfectly possible. If hackers/ coders can do it, why can or wont Adode do it officially and make the millions of Note users happy too?


      For designers like myself it seems a major inconvenience to have to purchase yet another device if the one I already have which can do the job.


      Come on Adobe, whats the hold up? At least explain WHY it cant supposedly support it (but we've seen it running so make it a good excuse please). Note users have had the excue of the OS not being capable but now ICS is out, there seems to be no more excuses.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Zarrdave,


          I'm followed up with our developers and regarding your question and it was suggested to create a feature request for adding support for Galaxy Note devices. The reasoning I was given was for why not was there hasn't been enough customer feedback yet requesting that it be implemented.


          I created the following idea thread aka feature request asking to have it supported, please add your vote and encourage other Galaxy Note users to do the same.




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            zarrdave Community Member

            Dave, you're a star (goes with the name I guess )


            I shall add additional ideas thread for the other Touch apps too and will spread the word.


            Thanks for your help and advice.


            Just a thought, I suspect the forum isnt frequented by a large volume of Galaxy Note users. Is there anything Adobe can do in a more Galaxy Note user populated way to ask them for their thoughts. The Google Play store would be ideal but this doesnt support comments from those who havent bought the product, next would be the Adobe Touch Apps product page but I'm guessing that wont happen.


            I'm spreading thw word but I'm still not convinced that my word will even get to a tiny portion of the Galaxy Note population yet I'm convinced from reading literally hundreds of posts on various forums that if the question was asked to Note users, the reply would be overwhelmingly that they'd want it.


            Anything you can do from your end?




            The Vote for PS Touch is at http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1873

            Proto at http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1881

            Kuler at http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1880

            Debut at http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1874