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    What are the best image sequence settings (fps)

    gtburg Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a video that I'm wanting to loop and as it's only six seconds I've made an image sequence out of it and can loop it nicely. The problem is it's a bit jerky so I was wondering what other people use for the frame rate etc.


      I've made the movie in photoshop, it is a 3D model which I've animated on the timeline (360 degree revolve). I can specify any frame rate for the timeline, any for the export and any for the image sequence overlay.


      I imagine that I would match all three but what is going to give me the smoothest result?


      Also I'm exporting as png's, they seem to give lower file size is this the best format?




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          tim.hughes Level 2

          image sequence from my experience, has always been fairly jerky :/


          But seen as it's a 3D model, you're doing a 360 rotation of it right? I'd say keep it simple, and do 1 frame every 2 degrees this'll be smooth and shouldn't overpower the software


          Also I had a thought that you should shrink the images in photoshop to the size of the bounding box  does that make sense? as an image sequence loads every image individually, if you've got massive images then it has to reload and reload but if you know the size you want your image sequence to be on the page, then I'd batch your png's in photoshop so that they're all double that size (so it looks nice on iPad3 too)


          Hopefully this all makes sense? when I explain stuff, I'm explaining it for myself hah





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            mobly Level 3


            I have numerous 360 spins in DPS projects, and generally only have 36 frames (for a 360 spin) in total saved at the correct pixel size they are to be viewed at on the iPad/device - I have even gone down to 18 frames for a 360, with good results. It probably depends on the objects!


            hope that helps


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              gtburg Level 1

              Thanks for the replies,


              Yes Tim, it is a 3D model and I'm doing a 360 rotation of it.


              I have the photoshop file cropped to the size of the image and am placing it at actual pixel size, I am building for the iPad3 and the file is 1000x1000px.


              Alistair, how long are you 360 spins? Mine is 6 seconds, do you think 36 will be enough?


              I'll give both options a go and see what happens.

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                gtburg Level 1

                Ok. Thanks for the pointers, I've gone and tried a couple of options.


                I've did manage to crop the file down so it's now 696x953px. I then did a few other tests and found that if I took the Photoshop timline down to one second and adjusted the frame rate this way it was easier to get the final amount of frames (maybe just easier to work it out in my head, I am still fairly new to this).


                I've then adjusted the timing in the image sequence settings to give me the speed and length of loop I'm after.


                My final settings that have given me a good result and very small file size are:



                48fps (1 second timeline)

                Export as PNG



                Speed 12fps


                This gives me a 4 second loop which is shorter than I orignally planned but looks quite good.