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    LMS compatibility

    jay fresno Level 2

      The project I'm working on will be used by more then one company and each will have their own LMS.

      Is there a way to set up Preferences in Captivate 6 to report scores that would be universally comptible, no matter which LMS a client is using?

      If it is not possible, is their a setting that would be compatible with the most popular LMSs?

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          AdityaKalania Adobe Employee

          Hi Jay,


          When we enable reporting, we can only select one standard, which then generates reporting files. SCORM and AICC are two most pupolar LMS standards.



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            jay fresno Level 2


            Am I correct that the only way to have LMS compatibility for all companies with their various LMSs, would be to choose their particular LMS in Preferences and publish a separate SWF for each company?

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              AdityaKalania Adobe Employee


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                Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

                Not sure I'm clear on this conversation.

                Most all LMS products are SCORM-compliant. Some are AICC-compliant. Some are...Adobe Connect.

                We create custom training and I'd have to say 98% of our deliverables are for SCORM-compliant LMS products.


                So if you setup your lesson to be SCORM-compliant, at least 1.2, you'll likely cover the majority of the customers you have.

                Do ask them what LMS they use and what reporting standard the LMS is compliant with, and perhaps you'll have to output an occasional Connect or AICC version of your lesson.

                But a SCORM 1.2-compliant version should work in most all cases, I'd venture.