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    GetDSN from other method

    kt03 Level 1



      can some one tell me how to call the dsn from other method within the same cfc.

      this getDSN method return me the correct dsn that i declared from application.cfm.


      <cffunction name="GetDSN" access="public"  output="false"    hint="Gets the DSN">

      <cfargument name="dsn" required="yes">

          <cfreturn this />



      how can i get the dsn from above method.  What i have is not working..........

      <cffunction name="findDupicate" output="no" access="public" returntype="query">

              <cfargument name="form" required="yes" type="struct">   

              <cfquery name="check_duplicate" datasource="#GetDSN#">

              SELECT voucherNo

              FROM voucher

              WHERE voucherNo= <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.form.voucher#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" />



          <cfreturn check_duplicate>




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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Two things that immediately spring to mind.


          getDsn() is misnamed, or does the wrong thing.  It doesn't return a DSN, it returns the entire object (return this).


          I your CFQUERY tag you're not calling getDsn(), you're just using it as a value, eg: "getDsn" is a reference to the method itself, but "getDsn()" is actually CALLING the method.


          Oh a third thing: something called getDsn() would not normally take an argument that is the very thing it is supposedly getting.  IE: why is getDsn() taking an argument of dsn?  It should be RETURNING the DSN name, not having it passed into it.




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            kt03 Level 1

            the reason i have have argument because it was set in application.cfm page.

            <cfobject type="component" name="request.voucher" component="#request.cfc#.voucher">

            <cfset variables.dsn = request.voucher.GetDSN(#DBSource#) />


            i have try calling getDSN(), but got this and don't know what to pass it in?

            The DSN parameter to the GetDSN function is required but was not passed in.

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              Dan Bracuk Level 5

              You may be overengineering things.  If variables.dsn is set in your application.cfm file, you should be able to simply use that variable in your cfquery tag.