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    Media Encoder stalls when using a 2-pass BlueRay H.264

    CAOLSEN Level 1



      This has happened twice, I send the PP timeline to Media Encoder, select a 2-pass encoding, BluRay H.264, and the encoding process starts and runs fine.  Three quarters of the way through a 3 hour squence, encoder stops encoding / stalls, and the timer for how long it has left to go, now starts to add time.  Before the 'stall', my CPU was working hard, all 8 cores, when Media Encoder stalls, the CPU workload is nil.


      If I take the exact same PP squence and setup just a 1-pass encoding using the H.264 Blue Ray codec, all is well, Media Encoder completes the job.


      Any idea why the 2-pass encoding doesn't work?   I am using CS6 with all updates installed.