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    PSD spot channel is knocking out in InDesign?

    morse_tom Level 1




      I'm having an issue with a PSD file and can't work out whether I'm just missing something obvious, or if this is an Issue?


      Basically, I have a PSD with a spot channel over solid and transparent areas of a layered, CMYK PSD file.

      When it's imported into InDesign the spot knocks out all the transparent areas of the image, but is overprinting fine on the solid areas.


      Its fine and dandy in Photoshop as far as I can tell... But can't for the life of me working out why its not overprinting all over! And this is affecting many files on a Book Cover.


      I didn't set it up but its my job to fix.. thats the easy bit. I've worked around it.. But I need to know why this is not working as I'd expect.