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    27" glossy display, bright room - totally illegible!!! Didn't Adobe test this first?


      With the combination of tiny font size and the inability to set the contrast of the text and background, this batcave thing  makes the interface text almost totally illegible on a glossy 27" monitor.


      I am constantly having to use hardware zoom to make out the controls. Productivity is way, way down and eyestrain induced headaches are way, way up.


      This shows a huge disconnect on the part of Adobe.


      If every user was on a 17" non-reflective screen in a darkened environment and dressed like a ninja, I guess this would work. It sure doesn't work in the real world.


      I can't wait a year for the penny to drop. I have work to do today - and a ton of it. A year ago, before the Helen Keller interface change with Adobe apps I could get things done. This is really silly.


      For example, the photo lables in the library: text: 89% backbround: 77% - a difference of only 12%! Twelve percent?!


      When you overlay this with a reflection of around 30% white, it is impossible to make things out.