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    Editing individual 3d elements within 3d layer


      I'm just testing out the new CS6 extended version and am on the trial period using a mac.


      My problem is in editing the 3d objects I have imported. These were imported in 3ds format and contain numerous different elements (over 50) within the same file. All are neatly to scale and positioned correctly in relation to one another.


      I need to be able to edit these individual elements within photoshop and assign different materials.


      I can't seem to separate these individual objects onto different layers in order to work with them further. In addition, although I can scale or move the elements, I cannot delete them without deleting the whole layer.


      I have tried looking at merge 3D layers but as I only have one layer it doesn't help.


      How can I assign these objects to different layers without importing each element separately into photoshop (and therefore losing their scale and position)?


      I'm sure there is something simple I'm just missing! Thanks!