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    Android Viewer does not retain downloaded Folios

    Yves Apel - IC Level 2



      Android Viewers (here without subscription) for Google Play Store, do not retain the folio file when downloaded. As long as the app is active (even as background task), there is no problem. But as soon as you kill the background task and relaunch the App, the folio file is missing and the download button shows again. I tested with two different apps.


      I use the the following tools:

      InDesign CS5.5

      Adobe Folio Builder Panel 12.2.4

      Adobe Folio Producer Tools 1.11

      Adobe Viewer Builder 2.1.130


      The folio is v20

      The App is a v21 Android Viewer for Google Play Store without subscription


      My Test Tablet is an Acer IconiaTab A510 with Android 4.0.3

      Developer Mode (USB Debugging, etc.) is off



      Has anyone the same behaviour?