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    Questions about 3D in CS6

    GameViewPoint Level 1

      I'm working on a fantasy card game and I've got a few questons regarding 3D in photoshop CS6.


      I'm designing the cards as straight on (or top down if you will), but in the game they will be displayed at an angle, almost isometric. I've discovered how to switch to the 3D panel, and then to use the post 3d create option to turn the card into 3D, but that's when I start to have issues.


      Is there any way I can input the rotations on whatever axis manually? with actual numbers? the reason is because I need to do same operations on each of the cards, and I need them to all be converted into 3D versions obviously in the same way so they all look the same, doing it all by hand, using those 3D rotate tools and the mouse is not going to be an option.


      If that's not possible with photoshop is it possible with any of the other CS6 programs?


      Thanks for any help.