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        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

        The Caching for Mpeg2 has been different since CS5.5. Go to the PPBM5 site and sort by CS6. You can see the scores most are seeing with CS6.




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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Steven, congratulations, with your 154 total you are in second place in CS6 testing.  Harm will be posting soon.


          You definitely will find CS6 slower than CS5.5 and CS5.0 testing.  In CS5.5 they changed some caching algorithm which adversely affect or benchmark and then in CS 6 with all the new features (added much new code) they adversely affected the PPBM 5.5 test also.  Most of this is in the CPU intensive portion of the MPEG2-DVD testing.  As far as I can tell it has nothing to do with the GPU "approval" I have many different boards here some on the certified list and some not on the list.  As you add more CUDA cores scores improve, but because both CPU and GPU are involved the improvement in the number of cores has reached the law of dimishing returns with the new GTX 600 series.


          What you should do is look at the results only on what you are testing.  Go the the versions TAB at the top of the results page and select CS6 and you will find that a Rank 21 (overall) will put you in second place for CS6 testing.  The only one faster CS6 is a 4.6 GHz overclock.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Remeber Stephen, you bought the system to edit with, not to take out to the speedway.


            Regardless of of where you place on a list of tests. you have a kick *** machine that is going to really enhance your aibility to edit projects and make money. Compared to technology from a couple of years ago, you have a Spaceship that flies at warp speed.


            Now get editing 

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Steven, your results have been added.


              Rank #22 overall, #2 for CS6 only. Very nice results. Congrats.



              BTW, I made some slight corrections to your submission form. I corrected the SCSI entry to SATA, as it should be.

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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                About the SCSI vs SATA ...


                I need Eric to chime in here I think. When I look in my Device Manager under disks, I see them as SCSI. Is that the controller's interface to the Motherboard, but the SSD are SATA? Or? ...


                Also, thanks for the info about CS6. I had a feeling that was the case.


                @lasvideo - yes, well, hmm. Perhaps. Some part of me wanted to see if I could get in the top ranks with a sub $5K machine, properly configured. Like I did way back in the CS3 days. So, a rather large part of this was really about the speedway, I am ashamed to admit. But it is also so I can tell people who ask, that this PC could work for them, like it does for me.


                All they have to do is ask Eric for the Steven Gotz special, properly updated for whatever is the most current technology at that time.


                On the other hand, more of this was about my hating to wait for renders.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  I understand Steven. Just teasin "   


                  My turn to take delivery of a computer today. My communications with HP paid off and got me escalated for faster delivery then predicted.


                  I did the initial setup outside the edit bay to make sure all was well. Installed the GTX 570 and the Caldigit Raid array, with some minor bumps along the way, but nothing unexpected. Boy, the security measures that Windows need to protect itself are draconian compared to OSX. I understand the need, but it sure makes some things that should be simple, a little less simple.


                  So, all is well and relocated back into the bay. Next is software installation and KVM (Starcraft) implementation. Then the fun begins. I like how the Z820s user friendly design is reminiscent of the Mac Pro. Swapping cards and stuff is logical, accessible and easy.


                  Regardless of where I may fall in the PPBM chart, I feel lucky to be able to jump from an early 2008 Mac Pro (still in service for mail and internet) up to the Starship Z820. With 2 fun music video under my belt recently, its time to explore new frontiers. 

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    When the onboard Sata controller is in Raid mode then Windows see's the controller device driver class as SCSI. This does not change the type of drives you have. This is just the device class the controller is under in Windows.




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                      lasvideo Level 4

                      Stevens been awful quiet the last 3 days. Everything alright?

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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        Yep! Everything is great.


                        Hey, it takes time to get all of the files transfered over. My old PC had lots of video that is now on my new PC. Well, almost all of it. I have a disk with about 200G I haven't transfered yet.


                        I have been setting up this system using an extra 19" monitor I have sitting around while sitting in my easy chair in the living room. (My wife is very understanding about such things.) She won't allow me to bring an easy chair into my editing area though. Sigh!


                        So, when I went to replace the old system today and put the new one on the desk with my two old 17" analog monitors, I realized that my old graphics card had two DVI-I ports while the new one has a DVI-I and a DVI-D. So I needed to go get a cable. Well, my wife was reading the ads in the newspaper while I sat around complaining and then looking for the parts I needed online. Apparently getting a cable with two analog ports and a DVI-I is easy online, but not in a brick and mortar store. And I live near the Silicon Valley for Pete's sake. I tried searching online at Fry's and Micro Center and even Best Buy. No luck. So I figured I would work something out by just going to Fry's and looking for a solution.


                        My loving wife decides it would be easier of I just went out and bought a couple of the 24" 1920X1080 monitors that they had on sale. But then she realizes she has to go with me because they were limiting purchases to one per person.


                        It is a good thing I spent all day yesterday doing what she wanted to do. Doing IT work for her sister and looking at houses, shopping for this and that. So, after gathering that many husbanding points, I spent them all in one place. I never really realized how much space on the desk that two 24" monitors takes up! I have to put my drink WAY off to the side or it blocks a monitor a bit. I swear it used to be right there and now it has to be almost an arms length away.


                        Then, when I wanted to put up a picture of the setup, I opened the PPBM5 project file and it complained that I couldn't use the Mercury Engine Hardware Acceleration. So I messed around with it for 30 minutes or so before I finally looked in the forum for an answer. I needed to reapply the hack. I forgot I had allowed an update via the Creative Cloud. It overwrote the hacked text file. Easy to fix now that I know where the file is. Someone at ADK had hacked it originally.


                        I shot some footage at a birthday party yesterday that will probably be perfect to try out Warp Stabilization. I shot it with my Samsung Galaxy S2 at 1920X1080. I am curious to see how much I have to cut off to get it stable.




                        -- Steven

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                          lasvideo Level 4

                          Looking good. What a lucky man you are to have such a sweet wife.


                          Im doing the same process. Im still using the Mac for web, email and making rock and roll. But all the programs, utilities and plugins need to be redownloaded as the PC version then installed. Im also bringing over the Footloose music video PP project  I cut to see how it performs on the new PC.


                          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRIg6h-LIm0&feature=relmfu   Watch it in 1080 full frame for full effect!


                          I have downsized to just 1 30" monitor since I still need my 27" Mac HD Cinema monitor for the Mac Pro. It worked out better then I expected, since I generally prefer 2 matched monitors like you have.

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                            Have you received your dual Xeon Machine? Curious to how it performed... currently debating between the i7 vs. the Dual Xeon.





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                              lasvideo Level 4

                              Yes, but still in the configuration process (i.e., replacing all the Mac software with PC stuff). Also had to send back the Caldigit raid array back due to excessive fan noise. Getting the Dulce raid instead.


                              General wisdom is...if you need to edit large files like Red / Epic and such, get the Sandy Bridge EP dual Xeon like I have.


                              If you dont, save your money and get the Sandy Bridge single processor ( that maybe the i7, Im not up on that technology).

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                                matthew_cotter Level 1

                                Sweet... Can I ask what you ended up going with? MB? Ram? Cooling? I know you mentioned the EGVA SR-X at one point... Did you end up with that?

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                                  lasvideo Level 4

                                  Here are the stats Matthew.

                                  Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 2.57.49 PM.png

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                                    matthew_cotter Level 1

                                    That's Slick!! Congrats!!!

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                                      lasvideo Level 4

                                      Thanks. It will be nice when Im done with all this transitional stuff and get to see how it really performs!

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                                        RDA972 Level 3

                                        lasvideo wrote:


                                        Thanks. It will be nice when Im done with all this transitional stuff and get to see how it really performs!

                                        I, for one, am breathless with anticipation.

                                        I, too, have taken the plunge and ordered the following:


                                        2 Intel Xeon E5-2687W

                                        2 Corsair CWC-H80

                                        1 Asus Z9PE-D8 WS

                                        8 G.Skill Extreme3 1 8 Go PC15000 Ripjaws


                                        I am anxious to see how the new CPUs compared to my current i7-3960X which they are to replace.

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                                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                          You spent well over twice what I did. I really hope it pays off. I just couldn't afford to do that.


                                          Unfortunately, it will not drop your PPBM5 test scores by half. But hopefully it will make mine look like it is standing still.


                                          I am going to make a guess, just for fun. When you run the PPBM5 using CS6, you will beat my 154 seconds by at least 18 seconds. If we were running a pool, I would guess 136 seconds. I hope I am wrong. I hope it is faster.


                                          Now, perhaps I am missing something. Your CPU configuration should be very powerful, as is having 64G of RAM. However, your GPU isn't as powerful, and I am wondering about your disk configuration. If you RAID0 two of the 500G for your media and two in a RAID0 for your cache, then it might be a bit faster. But if all four are in one RAID, then you may be a touch slower.


                                          What are you doing with your drives?


                                          Also, since you are liquid cooling, are you overclocking?


                                          Just curious. And a bit envious, of course.

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                                            lasvideo Level 4

                                            Stephen, are you talkin to me? 


                                            If so, I have a separate raid array. It is this one from Dulce. It will have r/w speeds of about 900MB/s and 16 TB of storage. As with the computer, it will handle everything from h.264 to Red / Epic projects.




                                            The GTX is actually very highly rated for use in PrP and AE by editors in the industry. And its good coverage until the Kepler comes out next year.


                                            Yes, it water cooled because the fast CPUs i chose generates LOTS of heat. And they are not over clockable. Even if they were I wouldnt do it.



                                            Your obession with PPBM scores is a different perspective then mine. I needed something that could perform 24/7 and get repaired at a moments notice so as not to miss deadlines or lose clients. My goal was to buy a fast reliable work horse, not a race horse   


                                            If both our systems make us happy and serve our needs, then we are a very lucky 2 guys.

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                                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                                              Yes, sorry, I was talking to you.


                                              The reason I am obsessed with the PPBM scores is that a while back I was trying to do something in CS3 and just got terribly annoyed. To the point where I finally broke down and upgraded. The annoyance came from two things. The first was the fact that I could barely scrub the timeline, and the second stemmed from that. The time it took to render.


                                              So, speed is what is on my mind.


                                              I totally understand your need for reliability and your point about the work horse. I don't normally beat my system up for long hard periods, so it is easy to understand how our needs could differ.


                                              Having said that, I am trying to understand why people buy what they buy. What influences their decision making. Even though I get very few visitors to my web site compared to 6 or 7 years ago, I still get a lot of email asking for advice. And until recently I have had to point them to other sources. The only comparison tool I know of using relatively real world simulations is the PPBM. So I use that. Instead of using gaming sites, that is.


                                              Please do not take any of this as a criticism of any kind. On the contrary, I am not at all certain that I have a perfect grasp of all of the concepts involved here. I pretty much punted and put my trust in Eric when it came to some of the more complicated details.


                                              I went with the GTX670 mostly because I was told that it was a bargain compared to the GTX680. It is a Kepler, by the way. It has more GPU cores than the 5xx and as I understand it, that is what will allow me to see my video in realtime and skip rendering as much as possible.


                                              That RAID looks AWESOME!  I like the idea of having drives that can supply many, many streams at once because of the way that I like to do things in After Effects. A lot of my compositing requires using a lot of different video streams simultaneously. And that one can certainly do that!


                                              And yes. As long as we are both happy, then we are way ahead of a lot of people who work very hard and still can't afford to upgrade to a fast system. Life is too short to wait around for a PC when we could be outside shooting. Right?

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                                                lasvideo Level 4



                                                I understand and respect learning about new things. I am in the middle of that process myself. And you are right, the PPBM is the only existing way to gauge performance of Premiere Pro. The need for speed underlines all our motivations for upgrades and going to Eric is the smartest thing folks can do.


                                                Had I not needed the ability to playback the wide range of codecs that I do, I would have definitely bought the system you did. And its only due to a little glitch that I didnt by from Eric as well. I certainly had planned for the longest time of doing so. But I will let that story stay in the past.


                                                The raid actually really speeds things up in Premiere Pro. With a fast CPU.GPU and ram, the drives need to feed them at a fast rate as well. And larger files and funky codecs (h.264) also benefit from it as well.


                                                Given the advances of CS6 (I was a beta tester for it the last year) and the power of your system, scrubbing should not be an issue. Rendering still might be. That will depend on the length of your timeline, amount of and kind of effects used, the format and codec of your clips and what you are exporting to as well.


                                                I congratulate you on your powerhouse and look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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                                                  matthew_cotter Level 1

                                                  Yes, LasVideo, I too am moving from the MacPro so I'll be going through that process as well.


                                                  There's so many little handy things I miss from the Mac side that Im anxiously looking for on the PC side...



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