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        Enjoy, and if you ever find a way to take your game from the range to the course, please share that with me




        thanks for that laugh... I almost spit out the coors lite onto the keyboard....


        good idea about imagining all the shots from T on.. I hadn't thought of that.  I just tried to mix it up as soon as I hit one club ' well ' a few times.


        eg. Hit driver ( which by the way sucked cause you can't T up at this range properly.. it's like a grass matt and the ball is about 2" off the ground if you use a T...so I kept getting under it ...)


        Then I would do the 3 driver and 5 off the 'grass' mat...


        Then irons.


        So sorta the same but I wasn't 'imagining' specific distances and locations etc.. as if on one hole.. that's a good idea !



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Now, there are usually two reasons to go to the range:


          To practice one's strokes, which is what I was referring to.

          To warmup for a round.


          Different animals. For the former, there are a lot of ways to go about it, and I listed but a very few. For instance, one might place a club on the ground, at their toes, and align that to the desired flight of the ball, then practice aligning to that club, and hitting. Do not use any alignment guide, when playing on the course.


          For the latter, I like to start on the practice putting green, to get some sort of feel for the speed of the greens (however, the putting green can be vastly different from the actual greens, which can be "all over the place," depending on where they are on the course), and then go to the "driving range," to get warmed up. I stretch, and usually start with my 9-iron, hitting crips, long chips, or 1/3, to 1/2 speed shots, working up to full swings. Then I might grab a wedge, to hit a few pitches, full-shots, and some chips. When things are feeling good, I move up to longer irons, and then my fairway metals, both off the ground, and from a tee. Last, I go to the driver, and only concentrate on hitting easy, pure shots. I end with the driver, as that is usually the first club that I will hit on the course. If I know that I will be hitting a long iron, or maybe a 3-wood from the # 1 tee, then I wil go back to THAT club for a few good warmup swings, and to get my mind focused on hitting THAT club first.


          Unfortunately, many course practice setups place the putting green, between the range and the # 1 tee, and that sort of defeats the purpose of my warmup drill. That is one of the big pluses to Phoenix CC. I can hit the putting green first, then head to the range, and then to the # 1 tee. Just depends on the course, and the layout. When I have grooved my tee shot, I do not want to take a break and roll a few putts. I will not need that shot, until a couple of shots before it.


          Just my way of warming up, and practicing. YMMV.



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            that sounds like a great way to warm up and loosen up and so on... I'm not at that stage yet but can imagine getting there hopefully sooner than later.

            For one thing, the courses nearest me are the short par 3 9 hole one and the 18 hole owned by same family. They are like 1 mile from me.

            They don't have a range..only the practice green.


            also, they are way cheaper than the one I went to today ( with range ).  I think I will stick with the forgiving 18 hole course a bit longer before I go from basically $ 26.00 to play to $46.00 to play.. not counting an electric cart ( I've been using a pull cart but the one I went to today probably requires I use the elec cart with gps .. as I will have to be part of a foursome at that course and they play pretty fast there ).


            Soooo, when I graduate to that one with the range ( more expensive etc ) I can then go early and do the warmup you suggest ...as that makes perfect sense to me.


            I think I'm 2 - 3 weeks from being at that point... maybe less if I keep at it 3 times a week as I have ?


            I don't mind hitting short with a foursome but getting anywhere near the green frog has got to be out of the question at that point.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              When the course, that I am playing, has no range, I will spend some moments off in some grassy area, practicing my chip stoke w/o a ball - just grooving that swing. I also do my stretching, as though I was about to hit on the range. Finally, I will roll putts, unless they also allow chipping in that area (not that common, and most courses with chipping ranges, have them separate, from where people are putting).


              I also will often do that, where the range only has plastic mats, and not grass. I find that the plastic mats do more harm to my warmup, than they help. The exception is with my woods, and driver, if they have a "tee" of sorts. However, most of those have only one height, so they might, or might not be what I want. It just depends.


              Obviously, with a par-3 course, or with many executive courses, one will usually never hit a driver. Then, I end on the club, that I plan on using on hole #1. For instance, if I play Mountain Shadows, a fun little 18-hole executive course, I will either hit a 7-iron, or 8-iron, as # 1 (par 3) is 155 yds. from the back tees (only two sets, white and red). I might hit a 5-wood on their range (no drivers allowed, and they discourage 3-woods too), just to get the "feel." On that course, I can only hit a driver on two holes, and then find that the 3-wood is often the better club. Both of those two holes will exact a toll, if one either hits through the fairway on one, a dog-leg left, and over on the other one. Under-clubbing is never bad with either of those.


              I really like that little course, as I get to work on my short-irons a lot, and there is plenty of chipping and pitching, plus the putting.


              When you get more comfortable around the course, start keeping track of your putts. Think about it for a moment. If you play to par, you are "expected" to expend 36 strokes, just on putting. Now, there can be one-putts, and maybe even chip-ins from off the green, but if you are 3 and 4 putting, you can shave a bunch of strokes off your round, just by taking no more than 2 putts on any hole. That can be a ton of strokes! At your courses near-by, spend some down-time on that putting green. Take only about 3 balls, and start close to one of the holes (remove the pin, if there is one), and keep that distance, as you move around the hole, covering the main directions of the compass. Work up, until you can get all three balls in, most of the time. Then move back, and repeat. Even when you do not sink those putts, you want to leave yourself a 12 - 20" tap-in. As you get longer and longer, still try for a 20" circle, in which to leave the ball, for that next putt. Almost any golfer can sink a 12 - 20" putt about 80% of the time. If you do not sink the first putt, that is what you want for your second putt, and there will be no such thing as a 3-putt. That will mean that you are expending no more that 36 strokes on putts, on an 18-hole course. That is an ideal for the average golfer. Three-putts anger me more than about any other mistake - except for maybe an errant drive, that ends up behind the big green frog! A four-putt makes me want to just walk off the course and start some serious drinking...



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                Three-putts anger me more than about any other mistake - except for maybe an errant drive, that ends up behind the big green frog! A four-putt makes me want to just walk off the course and start some serious drinking..


                man, do I sure understand what you are saying !


                Thanks for the 'warm' up suggestions and putting practice routine... I will start doing that...have to use grass and no ball at both the courses ( par 3 9 hole and the 18 hole owned by same family ), to practice swing on chips etc... and both have putting greens but no pin to come out...just these plastic pin things sitting there where you hit the base of it.


                the range at the other course yesterday had the fake plastic grass mat with no rubber T in place...and putting your own T into the fake grass left the ball about 2" high ...higher than I like for drive.


                I've been using T's on some of my iron shots on the par 3...low....like 1/2" high...and have been getting some good results from that with an easy swing.


                Played the par 3 today ( just got back ) and man, I sucked.  However, I am getting better I think even though I still suck.

                I can tell , cause I hit one shot and said, " Wow, that really sucked ! "

                Then I hit the next shot and I said, " Well, that sucked less ! "


                So progress is being made.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Those little "plastic pins," are OK for extracting the balls, but take those out too, when you are putting. Just stake out one hole, take that out, and putt all around that hole. Choose one, that has a bit of slope around it, so that you are putting down-slope, up-slope and cross-slope. Get a real feel for all of those.


                  As for using a tee from the teeing box, I always recommend doing just that. If the rules allow one to tee up the ball, do not pass up the opportunity. Even if you push the tee, almost all the way into the grass, use it.


                  Some rounds, it IS all about degrees of suckiness. Sometimes, I just think hard to remember maybe just ONE shot, that I want to take away from that round. On a good round, I can often find a dozen shots, that I wish to imprint into my memory.


                  Even when I was playing well, and often, there were shots that I wanted to forget, and instantly! I almost wish that I had one of those little "flashers" from Men In Black, to use on myself.



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                    cant take out plastic pins.. on putting green practice area those things are like little mobile pins with weighted base.. sit on ground..not in hole. there are no holes on practice green ...but is OK...I will do what you suggested re: practicing putting.  show up early and practice chips and putts and then buy ticket to play ...or go out as scheduled ...  I dont have to reserve time during week at the local courses so far ( the family owned ones 1 mile from me )


                    the one with range ( deer run ) I WOUILD have to reserve T off time and probably go with a foursome..so I could go early and warm up for that.


                    I added up my score from the 3 par today... for the first time... never added score before today..


                    its ugly.  but it was more ugly before today...


                    so it sucks LESS !


                    But if my calculations are correct, I'm looking at about 130 on a par 72 at this point ....which really sucks.


                    Well, maybe not THAT bad...but pretty bad...on average I'm doing two over every hole.


                    like 5 on par 3 on average.


                    OMG !


                    But I swear to you.. I suck less than yesterday !


                    basically I get on green in 2 and then putt it in two or three...sometimes get lucky and sometimes wheels fall off... and on average it basically sucks...but am getting better.... but I count every screw up...and like I sliced to the green frog today and then hit a tree, and then had to just get back on the fairway, and then shot short of green...and it just went on and on like that... and then I came home and drank all the coors lite in Mound, MN in the past 3 hours.


                    Then I got the B&H delivery of fuji film for 6x7 polaroid back..and got bags out of closet...

                    and found battery for the light meter...

                    and put up tripod in living room and put camera on quick release and managed to figure out how to take off revolving back plate and 220 back and put polaroid back on...and load film pack... and all this with my reading glasses and flashlight and wish I had a magnifying glass to see the freaking f stop and shutter speed readings...and took this picture...




                    this is looking out the back 'door' where the chirping birds live...and is also a parking lot for the apt complex...

                    Not too exciting but when you think about it...like, I actually GOT A PICTURE OF SOMETHING without going into the darkroom...it's pretty COOL !


                    SO tomorrow I will go shoot some landscapes and whatever... maybe something fun will happen ! ??



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                      Since I already drank all the coors lite in town, I am now starting on the bud lite...


                      And may or may not ( depending on my level of eccentricity and drunkeness ) shoot more pictures out the back ' door ' later....


                      I'm thinking, with an asa of 3000 I should be able to shoot the stars tonight at about an F 22 with shutter speed of 1 second....????  Or maybe F 1.8 with a shutter speed of about 2 minutes... somewhere in that range I think...



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Ah, I know what you are talking about, and I hate those!


                        It is about the same as plastic mats, on a driving range.


                        At the end of the day, one must go with what they have at hand.


                        I like a putting green with real holes, and will remove the little "pins," for my practice.


                        I am fortunate in that my CC has grass for the range, plus two bunkers to practice from. The backyard course has a full driving range, plus a chipping/pitching green, with three "holes," and one bunker. That works well for me. Some others, around here, have rubber mats, no decent putting greens, no chipping/pitching greens, and no bunkers to hit out of, for warm up, or practice.



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                          your bag is holding up really well..it is REALLY well made.


                          sturdy and light and a lot of room for stuff... ( including rain jacket and stuff like that )

                          Tomorrow is gonna be bad weather for golf so Im gonna take a day or two off of my crazed desire to become good immediately.


                          get into this photo stuff for a while now as well... because I love it... dont know why.  the instant stuff is more like 7x7 cause I get the full gate ( not 6x7 that film back gives me ). your hasselblad gives you 6x6 IIRC


                          anyway, im gonna play with this fuji stuff a while. see what i can do locally....get some cool shots etc... try to get out of being shy about walking around with this huge camera with the locals ...treat it like a 35mm.


                          makes you wonder how guys with larger formats did so well in their neighborhoods as 'street' photo guys...


                          I think they drank a lot of coors lite, to be honest...



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