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    Can't open Illustrator file - "does not have the correct number of operands..."


      Right off the bat - Mac, 10.6.8, Illustrator CS4. I've seen different variations of this "...correct number of operands..." error on these boards, with fonts and other things as the culprit, but I haven't come across this specific issue yet. If someone has seen something along these lines please let me know.


      I work for a small design agency that uses Illustrator CS4 on a consistent basis. We have had an ongoing issue where random files that had been working fine will sporadically become corrupt, causing us to have to use the Document Recovery Mode and then edit the file in a text editor to fix the problem which does work for this issue flawlessly, other than the headache of having to do this repeatedly.


      Our workflow is such that we use a local area storage RAID which everyone uses to access the same client files. These client files are all in a series of nested folders we employ to keep all our separate client's work separate. The error arises when certain images are placed into a document, then the document is saved and closed. Upon trying to reopen the file we get an error message like this:


      Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 9.44.04 AM.png


      Where the string "/CR0050_ret.psd" is the filename of the offending image. Basically what has happened is that in the actual code for the document, there is a string that starts as "%%IncludeFile....." which specifies the file's pathway on the local area storage we use. The last segment of that string is the image's filename, which has gotten returned to the next line down, and now the program cannot interpret that line in the code, so it cannot properly open the file. The file will open but only the content that is above the offending IncludeFile string is visible.


      Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 9.46.01 AM_edit.png


      (client information blurred out)


      This does not happen to all the "%%IncludeFile" strings in the document, and does not happen for all images on our local area storage. We know how to fix the problem through the Document Recovery mode and then editing the text. Once we return the filename portion of the code back up to the proper line, and save the file in the text editor, the file will open in Illustrator and show all the information contained within properly. However, if you save the file out again without making any changes, the same errors will propagate throughout the file's code again, and become unreadable prompting another document recovery. Insert endless cycle here.


      What we would like to try and find out is why is this happening, so we can prevent it from happening in the future. Is the image nested too far down in the hierarchy of folders? Are there too many characters in the file pathway string? What can we do to keep this from happening moving forward?


      I know that an easy answer is to copy the files over locally to our hard drives, and work from there, but this is not a very efficient way to work, as we are all collectively working on different files, utilizing common image resources. We like to keep one set of images so there is no duplication that may lead to the wrong image being sent out - "Oh you sent John's version? You should have sent Molly's version of the image for that file"


      We also downloaded the trial version of Illustrator CS6 to see if an upgrade would work wonders, but it does not, the problem persists when saving a recovered file in CS6.


      Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.