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    How does Editing/Rendering Use Resources


      Im trying to understand the exact  sequence of events that occurs as a video is rendered in order to more precisely tune my computer for video editing.  Ihave CS6 Production Premium ( or what ever its called this release.


      I have 3 hard drive arrays on 2 separate Adaptec RAID and a Nvidia gtx680 in a dual Xeon Hex core 2.5ghz machine w/48gb of 1600.


      I want to set up the most efficient I/O for Adobe but still struggle to understand the way the software processes video between the various files it creates.


      You have the RAW video files ( 1volume) you have the Rendered Files ( 1 Volume for storing the rendered video) then there is things like the media cache, and the data base.  What kind of resources do these need, how do they relate to I/O, and How much bandwidth do they use... Also getting in to After Effects, whats the difference  between the media cache and disk cache? 


      Any help on this would be great,  again Im looking for how all this ties together as a process so I can better tune my computers RAID volumes.


      thank you in advance.