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    InDesign/Illustrator crash at startup?


      Yes, I've looked through most (if not all) of the previous threads that come close to matching my scenario, but none of the recommended solutions work inlcuding deleting preferences, launching from a different user account, removing the SING folder, etc.


      I have a early 2011 MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook_pro/specs/macbook-pro-core-i7-2.3-17-early-2 011-unibody-thunderbolt-specs.html) but with a 500 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM. I was able to run all Adobe CS 5.5 applications without problem until recently. As of today, Illustrator and InDesign quit unexpectedly before the splash screen even appears. Photoshop and Acrobat launch without problems. I did not install any software updates or modify the laptop in any way since before the apps were working.


      I had the exact same problem about a month ago and after trying several of the options above, I finally backed up my files, wiped the drive, re-formatted and re-installed Snow Leaopard from scratch, re-installed all my apps and tried running InDesign and Illustrator and they worked again...for about three weeks. Now I'm back where I began.


      InDesign 5.5 crash report (http://pasteit.com/18257)

      Illustrator 5.1 crash report (http://pasteit.com/18258)

      InDesign 4.1 crash report (http://pasteit.com/18259)


      When I came across the thread about the crashes with Lion on 2012 MBPs, I thought it might have been related to my issue since I originally had Lion installed. I had to revert back to Snow Leopard in order to run PTI's FusionPro 7.2 software which is not Lion compatible. But then I learned that my laptop is a 2011 model so maybe that's not it either.


      Any ideas that I haven't tried? Anyone else have a similar problem? I am currently using open source software (Scribus and Inkscape) until I can come up with a solution that does not involve wiping my hard drive every 3 weeks.