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    Importing image sequence brackets??

    falldowngoboom Level 1

      When I go and select a single image that's part of a sequence, and import it as such, I get it to show up with [ ] brackets around it. But when I go to select all images and import "multiple sequences, the brackets are { } type. I wouldn't care much but I find that when they are the { type that I can't update footage to add more of the images that are currently still rendering from my 3D program.


      Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 9.24.56 AM.png


      I'm not sure what those types of brackets mean and the only way I see of fixing in there is to "replace footage" and just select the single file and basically re-import as sequence. After that the brackets switch over to the [ ] ones.


      Anybody know what this means or any input about it?