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    How to fix non-working CS6 product Help menus

    KenK Level 1

      I had been running the CS6 Master Collection trial download version.  I could not access the "Online Help" and "Support Center" choices in the main Help menu on any of the CS6 applications.  The options were not working, able to connect, or gave errors because the Help folder did not exist or was corrupted.


      If you have this problem, you don't need to uninstall and reinstall your product or the suite. The problem is corrupt or missing help files.


      This is what I'm running: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


      Adobe Support provided this solution for both desktop and netbook.


      1. Close all running Adobe applications.
      2. In the Windows directory C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/, delete the "Adobe Help" folder.
        (C:Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Help/).
      3. Reboot.
      4. Go to the Adobe Community Help center at http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/ to get the latest Adobe Help Manager.
      5. On the left side of Hep Center, skip Step 1 and click the "Install Now" button in Step 2.
      6. Choose to save "AdobeHelp.air" in the application or programs folder on your computer.
      7. When the new Adobe Help Manager app opens, choose "General Settings."
      8. Select "No" for "Display Local Help content only settings" so you can access both online and local help.
      9. At the bottom of the settings window, click "Download" to download all the latest PDF and lcoal content. The downloaded folders are more than 1 GB for the CS6 Master Suite help files. Watch at the bottom left of the download window to see the small progress meter.
      10. Once done, reboot.


      My CS6 Master Collection help menus throughout were fixed.

      Thanks Tom! ...at Adobe Support for this fix procedure.


      I hope this helps someone else out there.

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          Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

          Thanks, KenK, for sharing this fix!


          I made a couple updates to the steps in your message, adding names of the windows and menus.



          Adobe Community Help & Learning team

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            Unity2k Level 1

            This is not working for me. I follow the instructions to the T and still I have the exact same problem - no offline help is available. When I open the Help Manager and it shows that the help files are current and I click one and then ask to open the PDF, I get nothing happening at all.


            If I click in Help Manager to see offline help only, hitting F1 in AE does nothing. If I allow Help Manager to view both offline and online help and hit F1, no problem; as long as I'm online!


            There was another fix listed to resolve this issue that did nothing too. For some time it was just wait until June, well the PDF files are available but Help Manager has become Frustration Inducer.


            Where to now?

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              Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

              Hi Unity2K:  can you confirm that the PDFs are located in the following directories?


              Windows : C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\ (Help and PDF directories within)

              Mac : \Users\Shared\Documents\Adobe (Help and PDF directories within)


              Also, do you have any other CS6 products installed besides After Effects?  If so, is this same issue affecting your other Adobe products?

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                Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                One more idea:  in KenKandAdobe's original post, he recommends skipping Step 1.  I would actually recommend NOT to skip step 1 since this is how new configuration files are specified for installation. There is a unique configuration file per point product so ensuring that a correct config is in place for each product is essestial. So for Unity2K, I would specify After Effects in Step 1 and then proceed with the rest of the steps as outlined here: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/help-application-doesnt-update.html