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    Help for website?


      Dear adobe readers!


      This week we launched a new ecommerce shop. And we want to have the design as good as possible. So for you guys the question if you can take a look at the design of the shop and give me advice about making it better and just let me know what you thinks. Everything is welcome. It is an ecommerce site about loungeset and for us it is really important the design will help for the best conversion.


      Well let me know what you think.


      Kind regards,



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          Greate work Handrik but better to improve the User inter face

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            Handrik-Jan Level 1

            Dear Shawdesign,


            thanks for your reply. What do you exactly mean with improving the user interface?


            Let me know.



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              Your web development is ok but need to improve web design


              Improve the web design little bit more 

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                dhussey111 Level 1

                i can also help u improving the interface because it is the main thing that user can see..!!

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                  dweb3d.com Level 1

                  Hello, the design is classic, clean, minimal, good, only good, not espectacular, you need to see ahead and think like you are in the next century, the html5 are here and another thins, take the train

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                    dweb3d.com Level 1

                    Mi friend the user interface is the way for the customer to pay, really we need think like a customer and made easy the task for buy, onother thing is made the conversion, made the client buy, for example i can´t see a add to cart button in the homepage, greetings

                    Jorge Forero [url removed by host]

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                      CaramelMacchiato Level 1



                      Mmm, since you ask for our feedback and opinion about the website feedback.


                      As you know, it *IS* very wise for you to aim for websites that are more user-friendly website. Ahem, in terms of more modern, forward-thinking website, it is known as "responsive web design" as it use HTML5, CSS3 and some brilliant use of javascript scripts all together.


                      Please understand that websites now more likely viewed by mobile (iPhone or Blackberry and other smart phones) or tablets such as iPads or other similar tablets as well as desktop computer (laptop, etc).


                      I tried to resize the website of yours, it doesn't change accordingly to size of broswer resized. It looks bad as seen in mobile or tablet computers. It might look ok on desktop.


                      Have a research and learn more about "responsive web design" through Google. I strongly encourage you to reconsider this and learn more about responsive web design concept as it is trend. Yes, it means more work in CSS3 use media query, but it can be done. It is like code only once, it can be viewed all across the web platform regardless. Thus, higher ROI for clients and this means more faster loading on smart phone or tablet computers over WiFi network.


                      Just a simple two cent perspective.

                      Best of luck.


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                        Handrik-Jan Level 1

                        Dear Brian,


                        thanks for the answer and we to think it would be a good thing to make it responsive in de the future. We are now looking at the possibilities to do so. It is only not easy in the software we made the shop with. We are also looking for mobile templates for iphones etc.


                        Kind regards,



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                          CaramelMacchiato Level 1



                          Did you know that there are some jQuery templates for mobile (smart phone) that are available at Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Connection articles?


                          Have a look at:

                          Advanced design template for jQuery Mobile



                          jQuery Mobile website



                          And, ThemeRoller at jQuery Mobile



                          Additionally, there are other similar topics related to jQuery how-to can be found in Dreamweaver articles.


                          AND, you also want to look into Fluid Grid Layout articles as it can be found in Dreamweaver Developer Center as well.


                          And you can also learn more about jQuery mobile and Fluid Grid Layout through Adobe TV on whole range of Dreamweaver, as it provide many good TV video online available. You are encouraged to have a couple of look at these videos at Adobe TV - Learn Dreamweaver.


                          Adobe TV | Learn Dreamweaver online videos



                          One other important note, by knowing HTML and CSS inside out, it will be very helpful knowing these code, you'll find it easier to work with Dreamweaver, or any other HTML editor to your preference.


                          Hope this helps.


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                            web site is perfect i have no comments to say really a cool web design [url removed by host] work