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    what is the best way to publish to avi, using Captivate 4

    hlearn Level 1

      I am trying to insert some Captivate simulations into another product for publication. Unfortunately, the swf files (my preferred option) do not play nicely with the other product. It has been recommended that I insert movies rather than swf files. I have been trying to publish via Captivate 4 to avi with unsatisfying results. If I use the default Indeo video format, I usually get an undefined error (even when resizing to all odd numbers or all even numbers). I can actually get an avi file to publish when using the Cinepak Codec; however, the video quality is rather poor. Also, I find that while the recorded narration files are okay, any background audio (typing and mouse clicks) get out of sync the longer the file runs.


      I've seen some recommendations on installing XVid, but I tried that and could not figure out how to use it. If I install and reboot will it become an option with Captivate or will I need to use it in some other manner? (I'm not very techie about stuff like this).