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    Target Frame Menu




      Setting the target frame to _blank to open the link in a new window does not work.


      Please help.



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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          It should. Do you have more info? Maybe a URL or something like that?

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            Earthan Level 1

            lol Mario many things that should work with this BC do not...,


            I go to


            Menus > select the menu > select menu item > add _blank to the target frame box > click save.


            It is a footer menu on the bottom of my pages which has social links.  Click the link using latest firefox and IE and it opens in the same window....  Does not matter which menu I do this to, nothing changes.  It must be I have a very dodgy template or something $1500 bucks and spend mountains of hours fixing basic crapola.



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              mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

              I still have no clue which site you're referring to. I need the URL. If you don't want to publish it directly, try using bit.ly service.





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                Earthan Level 1



                The social links at the bottom of the page all have the _blank set.....

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                  mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                  I see. You're using V2 menu module there and the admin interface does not embed stuff into it. You have a complete control over the markup in this case and you'll have to add the target attribute yourself to your HTML code inside the menu layout.





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                    Earthan Level 1

                    Now you have lost me lol


                    Why can I not just edit it in admin?  If I wanted to hard code stuff I would have stuck with dreamweaver....


                    Sorry for being a little snippy, I am getting really frustrated with this software.  Been trying to build a very simple site now for four months and today I find there is a form on the check out that does not work or soemthing....


                    Trying to get a bc developer to sort these issues out and not having much luck.  At this rate it will take me ten years to launch the site.


                    Any suggestions?

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                      mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                      "Why can I not just edit it in admin?" <<< because you're using menu module V2. If you go to your Home template and look at the bottom you'll find the menu module there and see that it's version 2. Version 2 does not have that feature. You have to add it yourself.


                      See this doc http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1903 and the childitem.html.


                      If you want to add the target attribute you need to go to that layout and find this code:


                      <li {tag_menuitemidname_withid} {tag_menuitemcssclass_withclass}><a href="{tag_menuitemurl}">{tag_menuitemlabel}</a>{tag_menugroup}</li>


                      Then add target="_blank" to <a> tag.


                      But since you're not a developer it may be best for you to replace this menu module with a default menu module. That one is fully customizable through the admin interface.





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                        Earthan Level 1

                        Well that is not really acceptable at all.


                        I am really not very happy with this template if it does not actually work properly with BC.


                        What can be done about this?  I have spent hundreds of hours and quite a sum of money working with this template and I expect it should work right out of the box. 


                        I could have had a secure shop up in  a few days and continued with my perfectly good wordpress site....


                        Need a fix to this.

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                          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          That is an odd thing to say.

                          You using a template that uses V2 menu module option to give you a lot more control then you would if you did not and your complaining?

                          You will have exactly the same with any other CMS including Wordpress if you do not understand the code.

                          The instructions in the doc and advise Mario gave is straight forward and easy to follow.


                          If you can not do this then just go to the templates with that module and use the module manager and insert the module in the older version menu way.


                          V2 menu's are awesome, can do so much more, great having the more control then you used to

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                            Earthan Level 1

                            Sure Liam, and I am sure you had to say about biology would sound odd to me yeah?...


                            I can certainly edit it, but does that mean I have to edit _blank on every page that footer appears?...

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                              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              No, of course not.

                              The layouts are the layout for the menu you call which you specify in the menu. If that is called in templates then the change will be everywhere.

                              Then you just do the _blank in the admin on the menu as you see you want it (or even do say a rel="" in the layout and use external in the field instead for example) and your done.


                              I think you need to read through what Mario said to you again as well as the guide he linked and follow those through more.

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                                I'm having the same issue but I need to make just one of the menu items in my nav bar "target=_blank" but keep the rest normal. How can I do this to just one li in my nav bar if its using v2?

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                                  I had the same issue Mr Dude.

                                  {module_menu, version="2", menuId="755752", moduleTemplateGroup="Footer Nav"}


                                  To clarify the above when using the Version 2 menu....

                                  go to the develop tab-Module Templates-Find the menu you created- open childitem.html. You will see the layout code:

                                  <li {tag_menuitemidname_withid} {tag_menuitemcssclass_withclass}><a href="{tag_menuitemurl}"   XXXXX  >{tag_menuitemlabel}</a>{tag_menugroup}</li>


                                  Where I have the XXXXX insert   target="{tag_menuitemtargetframe}"


                                  Go back to the menu you created in the admin, and insert  _blank  as the target frame on the item you want to open in the new window.


                                  Otherwise, you can just insert the old version of the menu. {module_menu,755752} and it should be fine ( depending on your css and all that.)


                                  Hope this helps.

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                                    JohnSSmith Level 1



                                    I must thank you very much for that simple answer. Saved me many hours of work of trying to figure out how to do this.


                                    And Earthan I agree - if the input box for Target is supplied it should work. That is a bug.



                                    Edit: Unfortunately it screwed totally with the format, so had to remove it.

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                                      Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      It is not a bug. IF you use the basic menu module output it will work. You use the version 2 module, as stated in this thread to give you more control. When V2 came out, and is still a choice for lots of designers XHTML was the thing and compliance to strive for. Target is not a valid XHTML attribute and while it is in HTML5 a lot of developers and designers prefer to use other options to achieve this. You can have one line of code for example to cover every external url automatically to open in a new window.

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                                        buzzvick Level 1

                                        Hi Johnssmith

                                        Yep it can be a pain with things that should be reasonably simple,  but I tried the target="{tag_menuitemtargetframe}" idea on another site and it worked ok. You mentioned it screwed up the formatting, - did this not work for you ?

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                                          JohnSSmith Level 1

                                          Buzzvick - I may try again, but as it was not that important.


                                          Liam - BC was and still advertised as simple to use for people who don't have coding experience. To give you an idea of what I mean - I actually don't understand what you are talking about, so I can't change to basic output. I also then worry that even if I knew how to change the menu, then all the existing formatting will not work, which I am pretty sure is V2 due to template I used, and already finding that a Copyright was added at the end of the menu, which I had to change in development. I am pretty good overall but no expert.

                                          All I know is there is a input box there, that does not work. If I add a new menu, I can''t see any choice for basic or V2, but my target input box is there!


                                          Many years ago, pure CSS would say you should not use tables, because blah blah blah. But to code around the browsers and inadequate CSS was a nightmare. Now we have new CSS and more compliant browsers. Right now the target attribute may not be valid XHTML, but that means that BC should have provided other code behind that input box, so that it works.
                                          Therefore BUG!


                                          I would also digress, and say that I have been part of BC since Bernie did roadshows at RSL venues, and it makes me so angry that BC is now run by people that base everything on visual design aspects instead of business aspects. I come from the business side of things, and there are so many small things that should be done to extend the business side of things which would extend BC's ability to cater for different industries, and they are not being done.

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                                            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            Hi John,

                                            None of what I said was code related. If you use Menu Module V2 then you are stepping into a more code aspect of BC. If you just click the options in the admin, While you get the bad code markup stuff you do not touch code or run into this.


                                            Using templates are templates, they do the job and people with little or no coding skills can make their way and edit it as they need to, But they are templates and that can only take you so far.


                                            In terms of Target, it is not a bug. It is customisation. You choose to put it in or edit the layouts as you need to. There are several tags for the menu V2 menu layouts that you can form with HTML as you see fit.


                                            Your last comment is a strange one, because that is simply not the case. I guess you will not like all the BC.Next stuff coming out, Awesome for developing websites but it does not seem to be where your at.

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                                              JohnSSmith Level 1

                                              Strange -

                                              Liam it was only recently someone added we could search in the CRM by email address. Seriously Email address the defacto ID all around the internet, and has been for ages. Previously it was by name only, and if you had email address added from your old lists that did not have a name, you could not find them.


                                              LOL News items, and Media downloads  that can't even be sorted by Date - I had a client that had hundreds of these things, and they needed to see by date - client is now gone. Seriously what is more important when looking at News. How old it is or its alphabetical listing.


                                              Don't get me wrong - there are some good things happening, but quite often it's tunnel vision by IT people instead of getting business people involved. I currently have have a problem with Affiliate links, where it looks like they don't work because you need a payment gateway - possibly another lost opportunity.

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                                                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Hi John,

                                                I am not sure what your thinking BC but your CRM comment is not true as well

                                                The Primary ID in BC has ALWAYS been a customers email address and you have always been able (Well I am thinking back to at least 5 years here that I can recall even trying) to search by email address as well as make reports and filters on it as well.


                                                In terms of your business comment - Are you aware of PAB - The Partner Advisory board and before that master partners - The biggest and longest term BC partners talking and advising BC on what they and their customers need? These have been in place for a very long time so there has always been a business involvement. What BC takes on board and implements and implements first is another matter, but there has always been that business input.
                                                The things you point out though are not business related. They actually developer related and that is actually the thing that has been lacking, not the other way around. There has been a bit to much business focus and less core focus on the platform itself in the past. This is why things like sorting for news etc have been left unaddressed.

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                                                  JohnSSmith Level 1

                                                  Arrh I did mix it up - you can not search by email in the mailing list, is what I should have said, not the CRM. And still can't.


                                                  Well I see things that are needed by business as business related. True, the fact they have not been developed is a development matter.


                                                  and I agree on the lack of developer focus in the past. Updating the core will lead to a better platform, but why aren't all the small issues being fixed. We just got a new admin - why were not some of these issues addressed then.How hard is it to make sure the functionality works for different types of businesses, and not so narrow minded. The sorting of news is just an example of that.


                                                  Another example - I am about to load up a mailing list of 100K email addresses - If  the client wants to remove soft bounces after a certain amount of time, I don't want to tell them they have to be done manually.

                                                  I know for a fact that if someone has moved jobs, but you get an auto reply they have moved, but if you only have an email address and don't have the name, then its very difficult to find them and delete them.


                                                  So you understand - I am a big believer in BC, but get frustrated by all the little things that stop BC being used by certain clients.