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    API for inventory control?

    eric_413 Level 1

      Can we use the API to update the inventory of product B when product A is purchased?


      For instance:

      We need to have a product listed at 4 different pricing tiers in secure zones for specific customers. Since Business Catalyst only offers retail and wholesale pricing tiers, we had to find a work around. 


      We ended up duplicating each product 4 times in seperate catalogs each one in its own secure zone. This solves being able to have each priced differently, however now we aren't able to control inventory for a specific product across the 4 tiers.


      For Example:

      Product A1

      Product A2

      Product A3

      Product A4


      Product A1 has been ordered, is there a way to use the API to subtract the number of Products ordered from the inventory levels in Product A2, A3, and A4?

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          Tarik :: Creativaholic Level 3

          Why didn't you give each Product its own inventory level?

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            mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

            Yes, you'd have to use API for that and you can manipulate the quantity. But, it may be a bit hard because BC changes inventory when the product is added to the cart, so if the cart gets abandoned the inventory will be incremented again.


            Why don't you use catalogue discounts in this case? You'll find them under customer's CRM record > Subscriptions tab. That way you can have a different price for each customer. They'll log in to a secure zone and their discount will be applied.





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              eric_413 Level 1

              Mario, I had no clue that feature (catalogue discount) existed. I looked all over the place but didn't think to look in the CRM.


              It really would be great if BC gave us the ability to add additional Pricing Types. Consumer and Wholesaler are great but when you have a client who has Consumer, Wholesale , Dealer, and Employee pricing tiers you really have a problem.


              Using the Catalogue Discount, I found that you have to replace {tag_saleprice} with {tag_totaldiscountprice} on the Individual product Small & Large templates.


              However, I can't figure out how to correctly display the discount price in the shopping cart summary, shopping cart, or checkout page. They all show the retail price. Can you help with this?

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                mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                That shouldn't be the case. Once you log in and you add the discounted price to the cart from the small or large product view, the cart should show that price and not the original price. It would help you posted a URL to a product here, gave us some test login details and explained what you're seeing so that we can investigate this for you further.





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                  eric_413 Level 1

                  I've setup a test login for the store. (http://malibuboats.businesscatalyst.com)


                  Username: 1234

                  Password: 1234


                  This is really rough looking but you will be able to see the problem.


                  All top level catalogs are full retail price (/men)

                  All sub catalogs are will receive a 50% off discount. (/men/shirts)


                  Screen shot 2012-07-10 at 10.27.26 AM.png


                  You will notice that when you add an item to the cart that is 50% off, it shows full price in the cart summery, cart and checkout. since this is still a test site i can't see if it charges the card the full amount or not.


                  Thanks for your help.

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                    mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                    Hey Eric,


                    Please submit a case with BC support on this issue. I had a good look at this and I couldn't work it out. But if you submit a case we can approach the eng team and ask them for help on this.





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                      eric_413 Level 1

                      Mario, I submitted a case yesterday and hope to hear back soon. thanks for taking the time to look at it for me.