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    Coldfusion 10 installer seems incomplete on Ubuntu Linux

    Jim O'Keefe

      I am installing coldfusion 10 on Ubuntu 11.04. The installer asks me a limited number of questions and then begins the install process. When the faux progress bar is finished i don't get any type of message saying success or failure. I just get dumped back to the command prompt. The install log says the installation was successful with errors. Attempting to start coldfusion gives a permission denied error.


      Some of the things I was NOT prompted for before the installation began:


      server configuration or J2EE?

      install subcomponents(docs, solr, .NET integration - in fact it jumped right to WHERE to install solr)

      admin password

      enable RDS

      enable secure profile

      configure web server or built-in?


      I WAS asked about OpenOffice

      I WAS asked about automatically checking for server updates.

      I WAS asked where to install coldfusion


      Has anybody seen anything like this? Does anybody have a clue as to where to go from here? Besides R&R (Refund & Railo)

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          Did you get any sort of reply to this?

          Did you ever resolve the issue?

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            Jim O'Keefe Level 1

            Obviously I didn't get a reply here, but I called Adobe and got excellent help. What happened is that the installer does what I would call a system check and then asks you if you want to proceed with the installation. Some of the responses that I got from the "system check" sounded less than positive, but I assumed that since the installer was giving me the option to proceed, that I could deal with these later. This turned out to be a big mistake. The lesson learned is that if you get any messages that seem like they might be errors, cancel the installation and address the issues they reflect. I also had trouble identifying the apache files that cf 10 needed to know about so I had a hard time linking cf with apache, but a guy in my office was more experienced with apache and was able to straighten me out.