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    Quiz - Slides do not automatically advance on second attempt


      I have published a project with a quiz built in that has a passing score of 80% and is set for multiple attempts allowed.


      Student goes through the course

      Takes the quiz

           first attempt behaviors (working correctly)

                Select answer

                Click Submit button

                Slide advances to next question automatically

                End of quiz the student is presented with the score and opportunity to retake the quiz


           second attempt behavior (not what I want)

                Select Answer

                Click Submit

                Then the student must select the Forward arrow on the playbar to advance to the next question


      This is very cumbersome and confusing to users. Many end up exiting the course with a failure and not returning to complete.

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          I am experiencing something similar with my quiz in Presenter 7.0.  Did you ever find a solution that worked?


          5 questions + instructions slide, 80%, only want to be able to attempt twice.  Upon first failure, I want it to return to the first question slide.   Upon second failure, I want it to exit the course.  Plan to use in conjuction with SumTotal LMS (My Learning) Service Pack 4


          I originally wanted the learners to be able to review the quiz after they failed and then retake it again, however, I was told that you cannot have them review it and attempt it again.


          I feel as though it is possible to acheive most of what I want above, but I have never taken a formal Presenter class - it seemed pretty intuitive - however, I fear that I just have my settings slightly off.


          Does anyone have any suggestions?

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            surf_easy922 Community Member

            When we rolled back to version 7.0.6 this was resolved. We could not find an acceptable solution with the 7.0.7 version. We have been successful in allowing review of questions and still scoring.


            With only allowing 2 attempts you will need to have a mechanism to reset the student to allow them to take the course again. Currently we allow unlimited attempts because of this issue with our LMS.