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    rotating pages


      Thanks Dave Merchant for this info,"The ISO standard for PDF forbids page rotations which are not multples of 90 degrees."


      Does anyone know of a plug-in or program separate from Acrobat that can view multi-page PDFs, then incrementally rotate individual pages in small increments? It is cumbersome to extract individual PDF pages, tweak them in Illustrator or .ps, then add them back to a big document. I have many archival skewed pages in many documents.

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          CtDave Level 5

          Hi Cathy,


          The keyword here is "ISO".

          ISO, not Adobe, establishes "what PDF is".

          If, as Adobe does, a software house provides PDF creation, manipulation, and/or viewers/readers that are ISO compliant then we all have fully functional PDF files.

          The problem with software that does not or only partially complies with the ISO standard is that you generally end-up up with 'damaged goods'.


          With that said, you mention "archival skewed pages" which strongly implies the PDF page content of interest is a scanned image.

          If so try this:

          Using the TouchUp Object tool (pre-Acrobat X Pro) or the Edit Object tool (Acrobat X Pro) to select the page's content.

          You see a bounding box having a 'dot' on each of the four points of the box.

          Put the tool's focus on the 'dot'.

          You want to see a "+" shape having an arrow head at each end of the vertical and horizontal line.

          Once you have this right click for the context menu and select rotate selection.

          Get the tool/cursor positioned on a 'dot'.

          You want to see a diagonal line with both ends terminating in an arrow head.

          Left click - hold and move/rotate.


          Play with a trial file.



          An alternative for scanned images is to use Acrobat's deskew.

          Less chance of an oops.

          What you get is what you got and everyone lives with it.



          Worth noting is that a good, high-end production scanner with paper placed in the ADF with some measure of care will provide scanned images with very little (if any) skew.

          Got to do that once upon a time.  8^)


          Be well...

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            cathy.brown Level 1

            THANK YOU!


            Cathy Brown

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