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    Override Default Page Activation Workflow

    Jayatl Level 1



      I am trying to override the default handling of Authors requesting page activations.  By default, an Author that doesn’t have Replication privileges has the request sent to the Admin group.  We’ve created several workflows specifically for different groups since each has their own approval flow:


      CQ User Group                 CQ Workflow

      Consumer >>                     Consumer Approval Workflow

      eCRM >>                             Consumer Approval Workflow

      Business >>                        Business Approval Workflow


      I realize the Author could select the workflow from the Sidekick, but I need ot ensure the correct workflow is assigned if they simply click “Activate” from the Sidekick or the Site Admin (Websites) page.  What’s the best way to accomplish this – writing some sort of servlet, using the Dynamic Participant Step, something else?  The logic would be fairly straight forward – on activation request, check user group and assign page to pre-defined workflow and initiate.