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    Why haven't "licensing" issues been addressed?


      Ever since installing (and uninstalling, and re-installing several times) the Creative Cloud, I cannot readily open or read even old pdfs--first I get a message that there's a licensing problem, which sometimes goes away when I go to the Adobe manager and sign in online (obviously doesn't work at all when I'm offline!) and then I get an error message saying to restart my computer and sign in again (which is an enormous pain because I have a lot of different programs running). This sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.   Today it didn't--I am wasting way too much time trying to get to my work, giving me too little time leftover to do my work! Help from Adobe seems to be nonexistent.


      I have similar problems with Photoshop.  There it also tells me every time that my trial subscription has ended (I paid for a year two months ago).

      I am on the verge of saying forget this nonsense!