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    Stuck in captivate quiz and cannot move forward

    wcai Level 1

      Hi there,

      I would like to reply to a similar posting at first, but found "Reply" button didn't work on mine, so I started a new discussion.

      My problem is:

      After publishing the course with a quiz using LMS, I often got stuck in a question like #3 and cannot move forward or go back...Whatever I clicked, the page didn't change or update....When I closed the course then re-opened it, it would be automatically go to #4..

      But it is not what we want for students may not know this..

      What should I do with this? Is there something wrong with the software or with my setting.

      Thank you.


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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          I'd guess there's something wrong with your project. Try a Save As and republish. Be sure you remove all unused Library items. At worst, copy all slide and paste into a new project and set all the publish/scorm settings again.


          I've seen this before myself and never found a logical solution, I don't think... Though do check the quiz preferences for things like how many times the question can be answered...and be sure the timeline is correct (nothing stopping the playback before buttons are shown).