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    Zoom and Pan

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      This is a weird question.


      Inside a 3dannotation window, Zoom is activated when press down right button and Pan when left and right buttons are pressed down.


      Can be these two functions be asigned to keyboard keys?

      Lets say when I press key number 1 Zoom is activated and when I press key number 2 Pan is activated.


      The goal is to view a 3dpdf in a touchscreen monitor. There are some on-screen Keyboards applicattion that allows you to create and personalize buttons so zoom and pan would be available on a touchscreen monitor.


      Thank you

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Without a plugin or a specially-created PDF file, it's not possible. Acrobat X is not a fully touch-compatible application, and the 3D viewport is intended to be used with a conventional mouse or via the popup 3D toolbar. The  toolbar can change the zoom/pan/spin options but is not accessible to the keyboard, and scripts cannot define their own keyboard shortcuts (only plugins can).


          If this is for a specific PDF file then one option, though it's complex to implement, would be to embed a SWF into the 3D scene which hooks the keystrokes, and in turn controls the 3D runtime via JavaScript.

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            3dsolutions Level 1

            HI Dave,


            I am a big fan from you at this forum. You always with the right answer and great tips.


            About this matter I have no skills to develop a plugin as you explain so I would need some help.

            Can you provide me with a service like you mention?

            Of course I will love to pay for it.

            I am preparing a 3d PDF files for a showroom. It will have about 8-10 pages with video , photos and various 3d scenes.

            My email is [ redacted by forum host ]

            Thanks for your help

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Plugins for Adobe Reader are not a trivial thing, not least because you need  a  license key from Adobe to sign the code before it'll work. Because of product timetables I don't have time at the moment to get involved in your project but if you want to go the plugin route I suggest asking in the Acrobat SDK forum, which is where most of the C++ programmers hang out. I'll add the SWF-proxy idea onto our list of future tutorials but it'll be a couple of months before I get round to it.


              Please don't post email addresses in your messages, with 25 million page views a month posting an address here is a sure-fire way to get spammed. If you're looking for people to assist, ask them to private-message you instead. You'll get an email notification when a new PM arrives, but your own address remains secret. bearin mind though - this isn't a job site.

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