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    preview during capture


      P.E. version 9.0.1 , operating system Vista 32 . When capture video from camcorder via fire wire , don't have preview , but video and audio captured O.K.

      What should I look to solve this?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Is this for SD, or HD Capture?


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            tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

            Thank You Bill for reply. This is for HD capture.

            I have no problem before. Since then I install updates for nVidia graphic card. Could this be effecting preview. Also I noticed , preview from timeline is not smooth. Setting for ply back is smooth scroll.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, I have never done HDV Capture from PrE, but have from PrPro. In PrPro, there is no video preview, during HD Capture (only for SD). Many users have instead used HDVSplit to Capture HDV footage in PrPro, as it DOES have video preview, and also a better Scene Detection module. Many feel that it is the Capture module, that Adobe should have gone with.


              As for the Timeline playback, do your Clips have red lines above them, when you first drag them to the Timeline?


              If they do, then it's probably time to talk about your Project's Preset, chosen at New Project, and also your Capture settings.


              If you have the red lines, hit Enter/Return to Render the Timeline, and test the playaback again. Is that better?


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                I use PRE9 with Vista too, and I can confirm : DV capture has preview, HDV capture has no preview.

                It is the normal way of working for Elements, as written in the documentation of the product.

                My second install being on Mac, I can use HDV preview when using iMovie. Generally, I check vidéos on

                the cam screen, and adjust scene cutting when editing.

                Bon courage.


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                  tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

                  Thank You both for reply. I'm little surprise with respond , because I been using version 4.0 and later Version 9 , and capture preview of the HD material was working O.K.

                  Problem started few months ago , and I try to find direction which way to look to resolve. Is it program or is it computer?

                  Currently I'm seeing footage in the capture preview window and controls for camcorder are working. Video and audio despaired from this window at moment I press capture button.

                  Hoping to find somebody who get similar problem and found solution.

                  Camcorder is Canon HV20 and computer Dell XPS420 with 3.0 GHz dual processor , 4 GB of RAM , nVidia 8800GT graphics card and 2 of the 1 TB hard drives.



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                    tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

                    Hello again;

                    I been looking to some sources include Adobe and didn't find nothing about no capture preview in P.E.9. Only in the Read Me file , Adobe mention that some streaks could be visible on capture preview screen due capturing

                    interlaced footage.However I was successful with capture preview until I get updates from Adobe , updated graphics driver from nVidia and get windows updates. Going further I installed my old  P.E.4.0 which I been using for few years and with this program I have preview on capture screen when capturing HD footage.My conclusion: something is corrupted in P.E.9 either to updates or poor writing of the program.

                    Another issue with P.E.9 is rendering. When I render timeline and save , then exit program and open project again red line above time line is still present. I have to render again to get this job done.

                    I contacted Adobe about this issue and after several back and for calls answer from Adobe was "this is going since version 4.0 and Adobe is working on this ,and will send you update". It is over year now

                    and no update resolving rendering problem, but I don't have rendering problem in version 4.0.