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    Program File Error :: Photoshop CS5



      I have a PSD that worked fine upon saving onto my server at work this Tuesday.  Today, I get the error message that it is not a "valid Photoshop document."  I can tell you that I have been designing for over a decade, and am certain it is saved in the correct file type.  I checked the Info, and it certainly says .psd.  I don't believe the confusion is with file type.  It was working 2 days ago, so I am wondering if something happened on the server to corrupt it.


      I was unable to get any help from my IT department at work today.  I need to begin work on it tonight again, and told recvery of files that could start on Monday would take 48+ hours.  (Not a timeline I can work with, so I'd have to recreate if someone here doesn't have a suggestion).


      I tried downloading a few file save programs today, but didn't really get any to run successfully.


      I have the PSD if anyone wants to take a look, I can email to you.  It is 21.9 MB, and upon downloading takes the proper time for that file size to download.  It also does show the correct image preview of the file when viewing in a folder.  And the correct PSD icon.  The JPEG I saved out after saving the PSD is intact and working correctly.


      I am deparate for help.  Can anyone assist me?  I have a lot of work on this file and am really hoping I can get it to open somehow.






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          Curt Y Level 7

          You are not alone in this, even psd files saved on the hd can get corrupted.


          The bad news is that of those that have tried recovery efforts with software few if any attmpts have been successful.


          Do you have any save in progress files you can go back to?  If you did not do it before you will probably do it now on big projects.


          You best bet is to try opening it in other programs and if you can save it again under a different name.  Irfranview (free) is a forgiving product that many recommend.


          Good Luck


          p.s.  Not a good idea to include your e-mail address as you can open yourself to spammers.  Yes we do have those on the site.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Curt Y makes a great point, regarding any personal data. As these are open forums, there are spam'bots that crawl around, just looking for POP account data. I removed your POP address for you.


            Now, if you will send your file to me at info AT huntphoto DOT com, I will test it. Obvously, you will close up the spaces and AT = @, and the DOT = .


            I have a few other programs, that can Open a non-corrupt PSD. I will try each, and keep my fingers X'ed for you.


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As an update for this thread, I tried the PSD in several programs: Photoshop (two versions), PhotoImpact, IrfanView, ThumbsPlus and Corel Painter 9. I also tried two PSD "recovery" programs, but nothing worked. I kept getting "This is not a valid Photoshop File" error with everything.


              I tried Placing the Image in both AI and In, and they both hung, having to be canceled out with Task Manager.


              Does anyone else have some ideas?



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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Outside of going to the backups the IT people have made of the server files, nope.


                My strong suggestion is to work locally on your hard drive from now on, and use your operating system functions to copy your image files from/to your server.



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                  Level 5

                  I suppose the link to the file, if there was such a link, got deleted along with the personal information that was removed by admin.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    The removed personal data was only a POP e-dress to gmail.



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                      My friend and I are having the same problem. Photoshop won't open their own psd files or save the files. Screen resoulution and all the other "supposed solutions" are NOT the solution. I think it's something with adobe. Photoshop worked fine 2 days ago, then BAM, NOTHING!

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                        Curt Y Level 7

                        Just off the top of my head, no data, in the last 3 months there have probably been 10 cases like this.  They just get corrupted, no known reason.  Rather scary thought to say the least.  If I remember it correctly one person even saved image under 2 names, but both were corrupted.


                        Somehow one needs to check if saved version will open correctly before closing working copy.