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    CS6 gives me bad rendering results on Vimeo and the MacBook. Plays fine on the render PC.

    ViktorSloth Level 1

      Hi there,


      After upgrading to CS6, i'm facing some pretty severe problems with rendering.

      My edit machine - my windows machine - plays the clips fine, but in the moment I watch the clips on my MacBook, iPad, Vimeo, Youtube some really nasty artifacts starts to show.


      I just made a clean install of Windows 7 with all the latest drivers.

      The system is:

      Windows 7

      Geforce GTX 570

      12 GB ram

      Intel i7 4,1ghz


      I use Magic Bullet Looks for grading.


      I guess that is what's relevant!?



      I'm really absolutely clueless about what is causing this. I tried to render with Media Encoder, as well as the Premiere. Same result.



      Attached is a screendump from Vimeo that shows the problem.

      Skærmbillede 2012-07-14 kl. 22.33.01.png