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    Reducing file size


      Hi, I have a illustration in .iso(isodraw) format. I'm exporting it to ai and opening in adobe illustrator for removing unwanted lines(becasuse the .iso is exported from Pro-E). Then Im reopening it in Isodraw to apply some line thickness. Because i want the file to be completed in isodrwa and export it to .cgm.

      My target is to reduce the file size to very minimal. The entities in the drawing has lot of nodes. Im using simplify option in AI to reduce the nodes in turn the file size reduces.

      Kindly suggest me what are all the other ways to reduce the file size without distrubing the profile of the illustration. Otherwise redrawing of the entire illustration will reduce the file size??

      Kindly help me. In a nutshell  Input is .iso.......Output is .cgm. By using isodraw and adobe illustrator software which will be the best possible way to reduce the file size.

      Your thoughts. Thanks.