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    olympus TG-1

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      Hiya ! I just ordered an Olympus TG-1 ( my very first video camera ! ) so I can make underwater vampire movies.

      I have CS3 with winXP ( dual core 2.6ghz ) 4gig ram.


      mousey computer.


      Apparently the camera shoots H264 in mov wrapper.

      Apparently this is similar to 5D and 7D ?


      With mouse I don't think I can just re-wrap to mp4 for use in CS3.

      I think maybe I should use Cineform neoscene and convert to AVI ( h264 )..which uses YUV 420?


      I haven't got camera yet, but would like to start thinking of hoops I should be prepared to jump through for HD stuff on CS3.


      In the 'export' stage...maybe I should use frameserver ?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks !


      ( batting eyelashes in a flirtatious manner )



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Cineform is your best bet if you own Neoscene (Its EOL now)

          It will convert to Cineform avi which is 4.2.2.

          Your best option is to upgrade Premiere and pc or find a descent converter that will convert to dv-avi.

          Maybe this one will do the job, download the trial ; http://www.deskshare.com/media-converter.aspx.

          I do not think CS3 and a dual core will handle HD well.

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            Thanks Ann

            You used to shoot HD and use cineform neoscene didn't you ? With CS3 ?  I was hoping you'd respond to post with advice, and it is appreciated and I will do the best I can to follow it...but I can't do the $ 3000.00 upgrade of computer and upgrade etc now.


            I like your idea of dv avi, if I don't lose too much...will get neoscene first, try that, and if that doesn't work, try the DV AVI route...


            maybe use streamclip and QT pro for trial conversions too...see how it looks.


            Thanks !


            Then ( if I get to that point ) if I can edit the stuff in CS3 I think I'm gonna have the 'export' problem and maybe need Jeff's help with frameserver to something. I dont have sorenson squeeze...but I think I tested framerserve to some other app I have and it worked OK....( streamclip maybe ? )


            Anyway, thanks for help...as now I'll be focusing on just this one workflow ( h264 in mov ) and see what I can do now. Later on if I get some money from various 'dreams' ( like my annuity and so on from retirement ) ... if the pension plan doesn't go belly up....  I can upgrade computer and so on.



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I use HDV which is not as heavily compressed as H.264.

              Cineform worked quite well in CS3 but I did use a dual Xeon.

              Download Neoscene trial and see how it works for you.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                underwater vampire movies.


                  Color me curious.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


                  Update your gear, man.  We're in the 21st century now. 

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                    Ann: will try neoscene first

                    Then maybe try some QT pro "save as" tricks...

                    Then that media converter thing you mentioned..to go to dv avi




                    Jim: I know... it's on top of my list to get computer etc..

                    Got car stuff has to be done now, and some other $ concerns re: budget, but soon as I can do it, I'm going to join you in 21st century.




                    edit: I know I'm pushing this machine and getting silly camera...but I just HAVE to DO SOMETHING....SHOOT SOMETHING.... and edit the stuff...Im going nuts not " working" on anything.

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                      bought and installed neoscene.. that was a trip...the activation code wasn't forthcoming and i had to call support etc....

                      anyway, got that done and tested etc...on some other stuff...

                      Now waiting for camera delivery...


                      and looking for actors for vampire parts ....


                      think I might find one in the pool out back...see u later...getting into bathing suit ....

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                        OK...got camera today. Got sound recording thing too, but haven't even looked at THAT yet...

                        far as camera goes, its sorta amazing how things have advanced since the canon powershot s10 that was about 2 MP and cost me about $800.

                        It makes me feel good that I managed to sink so much money into tooling up this revolution.


                        Anyway, this thing shoots HD ( mov h264) and I shot a few secs of a test.


                        Then did what I could to get it into cs3 with mouse computer. used cineform to make avi ( still HD at that point ).

                        Didnt see that much of a difference really cause I had to render the AVI to get a green bar every time I did something ( levels etc ).


                        But it might work OK...just would take time I guess.  I also tried jumping through hoops to downscale to ntsc 16:9...so I could IMPORT THAT to cs3 instead...but that turned into a can of worms and nothing so far has been a happy experience.


                        I spent the last 5 hours dealing with that 'conversion' stuff ( tried digital media converer, tempgenc and streamclip, virtualdub...whatever permutations I could think of )... and now realize I have to start over again with a clear head...


                        It's a good thing this camera is shock proof and I wish my computer was too, cause it wouldn't take much for me to throw both the camera and the computer into the nearby Lake with rocks tied to them.....


                        Just kidding... but I have to start over more methodically now to deal with it.


                        I'd LOVE to downscale it first...from the mov h264....to 16:9 ntsc 2997 in any codec that works good in cs3... and THEN get into editing.

                        I will NEVER burn blue ray with this stuff.  only dvd....


                        anyone with advice re: how that can happen is cool with me.


                        One problem for me, is that I DID downscale using QT ( export from QT pro )...and when back into CS3 , or playing on computer monitor...that stuff looked horrid...

                        But I know from past experience, EVERYTHING interlaced on computer monitors ( ntsc, pal ) looks horrid...and I can't burn DVD's every half hour just to see how it looks on EXPORT...cause I'm not even close to EXPORT ...yet...


                        what a pain in the *** ....

                        No wonder you guys are "experts" at this stuff....dealing with a gazillion cameras and codecs and permutations...You deserve a nice fruit cake or something for all your helping in the forums...  really !