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    Gratuitous self-promotion

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      Hopefully I've had enough positive input on these forums that I won't get told-off for a bit of slightly spammish self-promotion.  Apologies in advance if this is an affront to you ;-)


      Anyway, I've decided to start a blog, and I thought I'd mention it here because it might be of use to the folk that participate in these forums.  Or not.  Who knows.  There's only like five postings on it so far... I only started it on Thurs.


      The URL is this:



      I've also started a Twitter account for the express purposes of announcing when I've added posts.  My... err... "account" (dunno what to call it... I am completely twitter-illiterate) is adamcameroncf.


      Cheers & sorry for the advertising ;-)