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    Unnecessary Android screen limit!

    e_mage_n Community Member

      Why does the Android version of Adobe Ideas require 8.9" screen while the iOS version supports the 3.5" screen on the iPhone 3G?  This makes absolutely no sense to me.

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          e_mage_n Community Member

          here's the specs:


          • Operating system: Android™ 3.1 or higher
          • Display size: 8.9-inch or larger
          • Display resolution: 1280 x 800 minimum
          • Camera: Recommended


          • Operating system: iOS 4.2 or higher
          • Devices: iPhone 3G or newer, iPod Touch 2nd Generation or newer, iPad


          Why the size discrepency?  Surely if it works on 3.5" for iOS, there's no reason it can't work on a 4.0" Android phone or a 7" Android tablet or the 5.0" Galaxy Note (I refuse to call anything a "phablet" )

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            Takashi Morifusa Employee Hosts

            There is not only usability issue for smaller screen size, but also technical limitation for Android platform.



            In order to support 5" device, we have to choose "large" screen layout. That's support from 4" upto 7". Adobe Ideas needs to be changed to fit screen DPI. Currently, Adobe Ideas for Andorid version is design to use for 10" tablet.


            This is the reason Adobe Touch App is not supporting 5" tablet on Android.




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              e_mage_n Community Member

              Thank you for the information.  I read through the documentation you referenced.  If I understand correctly, it's not really a limitation of Android, just that there is more work required to support the various screen classes in Android.  So rather than a limitation of the OS, I'd say supporting multiple screen sizes is a feature of the app that needs additional development. 


              I can understand that the application would work better on a larger screen.  However, for iOS, Ideas lists support for iPhone 3G which has a 3.5" screen.  Perhaps it's just me, but I don't understand how a usability issue on small screen would not apply to iOS as well.


              I have a 7" Android tablet (1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi) and my daughter would love it if I installed Adobe Ideas on it.  In the market 7" seems to be settling in as a sweet spot for Android tablets.  Personally, I can't afford a new tablet, but I would happily purchase the Adobe Touch apps if I could only install them for my daughter to use.


              I've noticed a lot of questions about using the Adobe Touch apps on the 5" Galaxy Note, so there is clearly a market that is anxious to buy them.  Is there any plan to support at least the large class (4" - 7" range) display on Android?  Pretty please?



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                Takashi Morifusa Employee Hosts

                Adobe Ideas is a vector sketching application for creative professionals who want to capture their ideas while on the go – there are many devices out there in the marketplace and each one we target requires additional development and quality testing. We have to balance this work with the desire to continue developing new features and pushing the feature-set forward. Based on many conversations with creative professionals we are currently focusing our resources on developing the product for touch devices with larger screens (7” or more) – our customers are telling us that this is more conducive to the optimum experience. Our customer research is ongoing, so if we start to hear otherwise we will revisit this strategy. Thanks for your feedback, please keep it coming.

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                  Here I am telling you otherwise.


                  I do a lot of thumbnail/idea jotting on my One X which has a 4.7" screen. Currently I use an app that's very similar to Ideas but simply not as well thought out layout-wise and not as stable.


                  I would very, very happily use Ideas on my One X if it had feature parity with the iOS version.

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                    Well, you have my vote to bring the specs for your paid apps down to at least 7" screens. I was rather disappointed when I read the screen size, resolution and OS level requirements.


                    I have a 7" Zepad C71 with Android 4. I can run your free apps (photoshop, Acrobat, etc.), but can not be a paying customer. As a small graphic designer I am not going to run out and buy a $500+ tablet, just to impress my clients. But, a modest priced 7" tablet is the sweat spot that could potentially make use of your new paid Android app portfolio.


                    Hope you bring the specs. down to the average 7" tablet soon, you are losing potential buyers.


                    (I also own a Kyrocera Echo Dual screen phone, that is stuck at Android 2.3, which would have been great for some of the apps at an idea meeting, etc. Saddy, I am guessing that the paid apps will never be back ported to Android 2.3 and my Echo phone will never get Android  4.)