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    Multitrack Duration: How do you change it?

    Dreamcube017 Level 1

      I've just started using Audition and I've got a video that's 2:30 in length. Now I created a Multitrack Session and when I put in the video, I noticed that the scroll bar at the top was SUPER tiny. This is also when I realized that the length of the session was over 10 minutes long. I've looked all over Audition and searched the forums and the help, but can't see how to make it smaller. Yes, I know I can zoom in and I know I can just export the selected, but I have to scrub through the audio a lot and with a scroll bar being a quarter of a millimeter, this makes working in small sections of the video extremely irritating.  is it really that hard or complicated to be able to change the duration? I see that it's 13 minutes in the bottom right of the program.