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    Exit button issue in Captivate 5




      This is regarding the exit button on the playback controls. I have been using Captivate from version 2. Recently, started using version 5. When I published my simulation, the exit button is not working as earlier. It is also not working from- web server(IIS, Apache), when opened as pop-up as well. In local too however not working. I tried in both IE 7 and Firefox latest version.


      I have seen the response from Adobe on this issue on this forum. It was quite surprising; it did not talk about the solution at all;


      What I am not sure about is -


      1. Why the exit button was working earlier versions.. why is it not working in latest?


      2. Why should when simple code like top.close(); works fine (when coded inside the Captivate)?


      3. Why is Adobe not acknowledging the issue?


      4. Why there is no working around provided in the forums for this issue?


      Could anybody please help me understanding this problem? I am really frustrated.



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          Captiv8r Mythic

          Welcome to our community


          First, I suggest reading the link below.


          Click here to read


          And after you read the link, stop and ponder what may be different between what you are doing now as opposed to what you were doing earlier. My own guess is that you are opening and presenting the Captivate in a different manner than you were before.


          Cheers... Rick


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            Lokesh449 Newcomer

            Hi Rick,


            Thanks for the response.


            Yes, I did visit the link you provided before I raised my questions.:-) However, that was not so helpful.


            After investigating into the issue for a complete day, this is what I found.. I hope Adobe will address this issue in future releases. For everybody's benefit, I am providing the details here.


            When a simulation published for no tracking (SCORM 1.2, 2004 and AICC), the exit button works fine, even when running in local. However, it does not work when you published the simulation for either SCORM 1.2/2004/AICC in all environments - Local, webserver, even when opened in a different window (as a popup). Definitely this was not the case with Captivate 2 or 3 (which I used extensively in the past)


            The only place the simulation works when published for SCORM is - in LMS, that too not when imported SCORM zip file"as is" ( published by Captivate). Either you use LMS' default feature to open the simulation in a different window or use your own custom window opener file which opens the simulation in a different window. Another point to note is - response time for closing the simulation is little too much after clicking the exit button (when running in LMS, as mentioned earlier exit button does not work outside LMS).


            As a industry standard practice, it is not desirable to restrict the functionality of exit button only to LMS environment. Of course, the SCORM content is finally destined to be hosted on LMS, but that doesn't mean when simulation is viewed from local/web server it should not function.


            Hope this will help the people who will face the similar issue in future.


            Thank you.

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              Captiv8r Mythic

              Hello again


              There was another recent thread on this issue that you might find interesting.


              Click here to view


              Cheers... Rick



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                I tried to use the EXIT button provided in Captivate 5's Skin Editor, and it will not work in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, and I am not using an LMS.


                Your "Frequesntly Asked Questions" post says it only works in some browsers. Can you suggest what browser it might work in? Is there something i have to do to "turn it on"?


                This is exceedingly frustrating.

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                  Captiv8r Mythic

                  Hi there


                  Indeed it is frustrating. It's not so much the browser as it is the manner in which the page you are trying to close has been opened. For things to work properly, the page needs to be a child page. That's described on other pages if you google it.


                  Sorry, but the bottom line is that there simply is no 100%, works every time, guaranteed way to close the window unless you take measures to ensure it opens in a manner that makes it a child window.


                  Cheers... Rick



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                    MGBikey Newcomer

                    Not only frustrating but embarrassing to have invested in Adobe eLearning Suite, training for Captivate,  and Skillport LMS only to find several suggested workrounds that I am able to try with my limited abilities do not actually work for me!

                    The only workround I have is to copy a few lines of html into the foot of the course .htm instructing the user to close the browser tab to end the course - but not the browser as a whole or the progress in the LMS will be lost. If companies like Adobe and Skillsoft want companies like ours to continue adopting e-learning it has to be made easier for people without programming or development expertise to use without extensive troubleshooting/trial & error.


                    There are several references to :

                    #10. The Exit button on the Playback Control doesn't close the Browser.. .


                    but this is really far from helpful.


                    This is not the only issue I have had in getting my simple Security Awareness Course to work just as I had it working on our Intranet.

                    It is finally published to the Skillport LMS but only at the expense of changing content as well as the Captivate project, and a very unsatisfactory and untidy ending of the course.

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                      Captiv8r Mythic

                      Hi there


                      Indeed it is frustrating. Since the issue is with the browsers and not Captivate, how can you expect Adobe (or any other company for that matter) to change the behavior of all the browsers known to man?


                      Cheers... Rick



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                      • 8. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                        MGBikey Newcomer

                        Rick - with the level of your experience I am a little taken aback by your reply. Yes I would expect any company providing a "feature" to get it working within a standard browser - or recommend changes to settings to try and get it to work. I know this is a forum and my issue is with Adobe and Microsoft IE not yourself. I am a big fan of Captivate and indeed use elearning suite 2.5 and will continue to use and recommend this and other Adobe products - although this is a small part of my job.

                        I believe we are in agreement that rather than wasting time getting this button to work that anyone struggling with this issue accepts it may not work and moves on!  As I have. I did not want 6000 + employees globally, complaining that something we had published to the LMS did not work as expected - this would only distract from the content.  As previously posted I have removed the button from the skin, included a final slide instructing the employee to close the tab but not the browser, and put a couple of lines within the html.

                        Incidentally what I have discovered from another post is that the "Hint" labels on the skin buttons can be modified to different languages. Great! Really useful for my course which is in several different languages.

                        Just to emphasise that the good stuff outweights the occasional negative.

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                          Captiv8r Mythic

                          Hello again, Michael


                          Apologies if my reply wasn't what you wanted to hear. All I can do is call them as I see them. Have you performed any research about closing browsers? If not, I would strongly encourage you to, as our friend Google will show you that the problem is rampant across the internet. (just search for JavaScript Close Window).


                          Indeed we do seem to be in agreement that one is better off simply acknowledging that a particular feature has issues and moving on. After all, why dwell on something that has a nil chance of changing?


                          If I were in your shoes and noticed that the exit button wasn't working for the manner in which I was deploying the content, I'd simply remove the button from the skin and have a caption that instructed the user to manually close the tab or whatever to exit the course.


                          Cheers... Rick


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                          • 10. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5

                            I don't know if this is still an issue for peopel.  But I have tested a javascript code snippet that I am currently using on a custom Exit/Close Image Button in a SCORM 1.2 Captivate 5.0 project.  The course is being deployed in the (Oracle) Taleo LearnCenter, and closes the independent course window using javascript.  The settings within Captivate 5, on the custom button, are:


                            On success > Execute JavaScript


                            I pasted the following code into the Script_Window:




                            I hope that can be helpful to soneone, as I had researched the issue for quite some time which eventually lead me to this post.

                            • 11. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                              Captiv8r Mythic

                              Hi Kevin


                              Welcome to our community. Nice of you to share and I'm happy this code works for you. But I do have a question. If you just left the regular exit button on the playback controls, does that work for you as well? I'll be very surprised if you don't come back and say by golly it does!


                              Unless browsers have changed since I last looked (and I really don't think they have) The issue with Exit button failure is totally dependent on the way that the window you are trying to close was opened to begin with.


                              Cheers... Rick


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                              • 12. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                kwilli77 Newcomer

                                Hello Rick,


                                Yes, the standard exit button absolutely dies work. However, there were other issues with the standard playbar, as well as styling preferences that prompted the use of a custom exit button. So it was in that context that I posted the code.


                                Best Regards,


                                Kevin Williams

                                • 13. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5

                                  I have been trying everything to make this work, and came across your instructions.  Thanks for providing that to the community.  This works for me!





                                  • 14. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5

                                    Will this also bookmark where the learner exited the course? If so, will it start where they left off?

                                    • 15. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                      RodWard Mythic

                                      That depends on several factors.


                                      If you are NOT using an LMS, you can turn on Self-paced Learning in the TOC settings, and that may bookmark the slide location.  If using an LMS, Self-paced Learning is disabled, but your LMS may support Resume Data Bookmarking via SCORM.  You need to test whether either of these bookmarking options works for you or is really what you want.

                                      • 16. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                        tegan719 Newcomer

                                        Hi RodWard and thanks for your reply.


                                        I ask this question because the LMS we use is AICC compliant and it is hard to find any information on how to configure Captivate specific to this LMS type. I've been testing a course I created in Captivate 6 and it will not bookmark the slide location after using the Exit button to close the course. I've spent hours researching for a fix and can't find anything. I'm getting frustrated to say the least.

                                        • 17. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                          RodWard Mythic

                                          You can use AICC as a reporting output option, but I assume you were already doing that.


                                          All of the LMSs I've ever worked with we used SCORM rather than AICC, so I can't really be a lot of help on this one.  I have seen a number of reports on the web of AICC bookmarking for courses created in other authoring tools requiring some extra coding of templates and even bugfixes to get working on certain LMSs.  So you may also find that the default output from Captivate is not certain to work. 

                                          • 18. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5

                                            Hi Guys


                                            The exit button stops working when I click the "enable reporting for this project" check box.

                                            It works fine in any browser I've tested it on and in the preview window, but as soon as I turn on reporting the exit button stops working and the project doesn't report to moodle.

                                            I thought the problem was related to recently going to moodle 2 as it used to work.

                                            But I think it's related to a patch update.

                                            But it has stopped working in preview mode and when publishing to my desktop, which eliminates moodle and browser fault.

                                            We are looking to upgrade to version 6 but if it won't close and report in moodle 2 whats the point.

                                            We will be trialing Articulate Storyline in the new year to see if it reports any better.

                                            That will be 6 licenses going to your rival as none of the fixes seem to work for me and adobe blame everything but themselves.


                                            Thanks Jimi

                                            • 19. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                              shawninvancouver Helper

                                              Agreed, this is an exceedingly frustrating issue.


                                              With SUPER all due respect to Rick (aka Captiv8r), I cannot accept that this is not a Captivate (6 or earlier) problem. Rick, I love you! You saved me so many times in the past! But this time, I am on a mission to make you reconsider that FAQ. The reason is quite simple, I have never experienced a problem with having a simple exit button that elegantly closes a lesson for the learner with any other rapid eLearning tool in the past.


                                              Yes, Rick... you are correct that there are differences in how browsers behave but they are do behave in a predictable fashion (there are no mysteries) and proper coding (of an exit button) should account for the four major browser types. Yes, you are also correct in how the Captivate lesson opens its session but again, the browsers all work in very predictable ways. The problem is really Captivate and like many others, I need a solution.


                                              Anyhow, rather than sleeping, I am hard at work to find a solution. I will find a solution, no matter how long it takes! Grrr....


                                              I will post my findings in a day or two.


                                              Seasons greetings, all!


                                              • 20. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5

                                                I must agree with some of you. There is something wrong if Captivate is the only authoring tool that does not offer a clean way of exiting a lesson.


                                                Just as important to me is why isn't there a way of opening a lesson in a child browser window? On my LMS, the launch button page contains various details about the lesson. When the lesson is launched, it opens in the same window. When the lesson closes (which it does using similar code suggested by kwilli77 Thank BTW), the important launch information page is also lost. My manager finds this unacceptable and I too am looking for a way to launch a lesson in a child window.


                                                shawninvancouver, the html code you published last week works nicely in forcing a lesson to launch in a child window. RE: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1120709?tstart=0

                                                **but** I can can confirm that I am experiencing the same problem. The consequence to using that redirector means that the LMS will not retain session information.


                                                Anyone know why?

                                                • 21. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                  RodWard Mythic

                                                  This is probably due to the way user session information is being transferred to the LMS.  SCORM uses a JavaScript API and JS calls to pass information back and forth.  This mechanism requires all content to be hosted at the same server location as the LMS.  AICC can also employ JavaScript but uses a slightly different communication mechanism, via HTML forms and GET data encoded in the URL link.


                                                  So if your sessions get broken when using an intermediate link that forces another window to open, my best guess would be that you are not passing the session info correctly from one window to the next so that it can then be passed onto the LMS. In short, you are trying to use SCORM or AICC in ways it was not originally designed to be used.  It wasn't expecting you to daisy-chain the content through other windows AFTER the one used to launch it.

                                                  • 22. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                    jimitodd Newcomer

                                                    Happy new year to everyone, good luck for 2013.

                                                    I've uploaded a vid to good old youtube.


                                                    Heres the steps.

                                                    I opened a new captivate project added a click box just to have something on the screen.

                                                    Previewed in the captivate build in browser.

                                                    Click exit after the slide ran, yipee it closed with noproblemo.

                                                    Checked the box to add reporting.

                                                    Again previewed in the captivate build browser.

                                                    Cick exit after the slide ran, boo hiss the exit button doesn't work.


                                                    As you can see from the video

                                                    I used no internet browser, didn't change the version of flash halfway through and didn't publish to any LMS.


                                                    Have a look.




                                                    • 23. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                      SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                      Happy New to all as well!


                                                      You are absolutely correct! The moment reporting is activated, the EXIT no longer functions. Although in my case, we are not using the time/slider bar but custom navigation buttons with an exit button on the last slide (and at the top of each slide).


                                                      This whole EXIT button issue (not just Cp 5 but Cp 6 as well) is nearly bringing me to the point of tears! This is really ridiculous! I am in a tough position right now where my manager may be wondering if I am right person for this job because I cannot make a little EXIT button work in our lessons.


                                                      "Solutions" or excuses that I have received

                                                      - Just remove the EXIT button -- No, we use a standard corporate template which hundreds of employees are already familiar with. To remove the EXIT button and instruct the learner to just close the browser would be unacceptable and a rather inelegant way to exiting a lesson.


                                                      - It is a tough issue that isn't Captivate's fault

                                                        With all due respect to the awesome person who keeps stating that, I have a feeling that you have not used other rapid elearning tools. Building an EXIT button in all the other major elearning tools is easy and works every time.

                                                      The source of my personal difficulty is that every other course that was built by previous developers (not using Captivate), all open in a child window and all have a working EXIT button.


                                                      I believe the PRIMARY reason for this problem might be in the fact that... inexplicably... Captivate does not offer an option to start a lesson in a CHILD window (i.e. separate browser window). This is why no javascript in the world will allow the tab to close (e.g. EXIT button). Closing a tab or browser window via javascript only works when the same instance was previously opened by a script using the window.open method. In other words, you can only use the javascript method to close an instance that was spawned via javascript.


                                                      This should explain why lessons published in Lectora (et al) always have working EXIT buttons every time and in every browser (minor exception is Opera for unrelated reasons).

                                                      Lectora Publishing.png


                                                      The second red box is just another one of my problems with Captivate 6 (not related to this topic).




                                                      I've been racking my brain trying to modify Captivate's HTML/javascript in order to carry over the AICC (or SCORM - same process) variables into a child window.


                                                      Like another participant stated, you can't simply rename the original index.html to index2.html and create a redirection like this:

                                                      <script type="text/javascript">   

                                                      window.open("index2.html","lesson","location=0,toolbar=0,status=0,resizable=1,width=975,he ight=600");</script>



                                                      Yes, I tried this as well... but unfortunately, it breaks the AICC to LMS connection. *BUT* I can promise one thing... using the above redirection, does guarantee that your EXIT button works every time! Pity the LMS connection breaks!



                                                      Does anyone have advanced knowledge of javascript in order to code the INDEX.HTML to open the lesson in a child windows AND maintain a connection to the LMS?

                                                      • 24. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                        Captiv8r Mythic

                                                        Hi there


                                                        Are you able to employ Captivate's "Full Screen" option? If so, that would cause a child window to open where the Exit button works. Not sure if the option also allows the resulting file to still chat with the LMS though.


                                                        Cheers... Rick

                                                        • 25. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                          SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                          Hello Rick,


                                                          Thanks for your reply but the fullscreen option doesn't work if reporting is turned on. If reporting is turned on (in my case for an AICC based LMS), Captivate still publishes a *_fs.html file but it is orphaned/does not link to any of the other files.


                                                          - Doug

                                                          • 26. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                            Captiv8r Mythic

                                                            Ahhh, bummer that!


                                                            One thing I'd like to stress to anyone reading this thread and having the issues is that it's absolutely crucial that all of you report the undesired behavior to Adobe as a bug or a desired feature. ( http://www.adobe.com/go/wish )


                                                            As some of you claim that other authoring tools allow it to work just fine, that would seem that perhaps Adobe could do something as well.


                                                            Cheers... Rick

                                                            • 27. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                              SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                              Thanks Rick.


                                                              I've been a Captivate user off/on for a few years now and I first reported this problem back in 5.0 (I swere this worked in version 4 - though not 100% certain).




                                                              I will again but I am not convinced that anyone reads this. :-(


                                                              I worry that there are very few Captivate users that build LMS based lessons that are not just simulations (i.e. we do not use the slider bar in our content).


                                                              - Doug

                                                              • 28. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                Captiv8r Mythic

                                                                SeatacDoug wrote:




                                                                I will again but I am not convinced that anyone reads this. :-(


                                                                Trust me, EACH submission is noted and cataloged by the Captivate team. Contrary to your suspicions, submissions DON'T just fall into a big bit bucket leaving you with only a warm feeling that you had your say.


                                                                That's why it's so crucial for folks to report things. The more any given item is reported, the higher the priority it gains for being fixed or added.


                                                                Cheers... Rick

                                                                • 29. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                  RodWard Mythic



                                                                  It's not as simple as just writing a LITTLE bit of JS code.  The SCORM and AICC APIs communicate lots of different variables and their related values over to the LMS.  In order for your child windows to accurately and reliably hand this information on they would need to pick up and transfer every bit of data for each of these variables.  And it doesn't stop there...typically the course will wait for the LMS to confirm that it has received that data before it moves on.  So your communication conduit (via your child window) must be TWO-WAY, not just one way.  This is why tossing a child window into the mix breaks everything.  And this is (one reason) why Adobe chose to make it more difficult to use child windows when you turn on reporting.  They DON'T need the support calls.


                                                                  If you look carefully at the code behind an LMS that DOES allow you to launch Captivate content in a child window you will see that it's NOT actually just the Captivate window.  It's more than likely a frameset running the Captivate content inside an iframe or similar, and in the parent window of this child frameset there will be code to pick up and maintain the SCORM API connection between the course and the LMS.  So looks can be deceiving sometimes.


                                                                  By all means log an enhancement request.  Adobe has some clever boys down there in India and maybe one or two of them will be put to work on this.  But as you've noted, this issue has been around for years.  So perhaps the wisest course is just to save your hair and work around the issue.  I've still got all my hair, despite working with Captivate since before version 1!

                                                                  • 30. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                    SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                                    RodWard wrote:




                                                                    It's not as simple as just writing a LITTLE bit of JS code. 

                                                                    Hello Rod,


                                                                    I've have acknowledged that time and time again. But regardless of the 'complexity' several things are true:

                                                                    1) Every other elearning allows launching in a child window (see my Lectora screen cap).

                                                                    2) Not allowing a child windows, breaks the ability to close a lesson in an elegant manner (via EXIT button).

                                                                    3) The methods employed to maintain two way communications are tried and true... at least in my experience working with multiple LMSs and multiple eLearning tools like Lectora.

                                                                    4) I mean no offense by this but just because (I suspect) most of you are not harmed by this flaw doesn't make diminish the fact that this is a serious short coming in Captivate 6 that none of the other tools have.

                                                                    5) $%&$!@ if I understood javascript, I would find my own solution and share it with the Captivate world!


                                                                    Also, I pointed this problem out in version 5 and heard nothing from Adobe. Then I dumped Captivate... but now I am back and I have no choice but to find a solution.




                                                                    RodWard wrote:


                                                                    So perhaps the wisest course is just to save your hair and work around the issue. 


                                                                    The biggest problem is that I must follow a corporate standard. We have 200 or more lessons that have a corporate standard look/feel - all with working EXIT buttons, they all ask a returning student if they would like to start over or continue where they left off, and force a lesson to start in a child windows with the LMS screen left intact on the parent window.... Now I am forced to tell my manager that Adobe Captivate cannot do any of those things (when reporting/LMS is turned on). Do you understand how difficult it would be to explain this when I am the first employee they have hired that cannot do any of that! I am the one who suggested that Captivate would save the organization money instead of purchasing the other tools.


                                                                    That is the reason for my extreme frustration. I feel stupid and let down by Adobe!

                                                                    • 32. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                      Captiv8r Mythic



                                                                      Thanks for sharing that, Rod!

                                                                      • 33. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                        SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                                        Captiv8r wrote:




                                                                        Thanks for sharing that, Rod!

                                                                        Seriously, come on guys... you're making light of a serious situation (for me and a few others). Not very nice!


                                                                        I didn't come here to disparage a product or any person, I came here hoping to find answers. I must work with this product one way or another. I believe the answer is easy for someone with good JavaScript skills.


                                                                        BTW, Rod... talk about cherry picking. That really was not a fair example. I am well aware of the Lectora forum and if you were a little more honest, you acknowledge that nearly every thread regarding difficulties with a properly working exit button (a function built into Lectora) is resolved in a satisfactory manner. Humor me, go search again. I am willing to bet that the poster rxmeds solved his problem because this person never came back.


                                                                        Anyhow, I am sorry I named another product. My intention was to never make claim that one is better than another. Heck, Lectora is frustratingly old-school with its severe lack of graphics (shading, gradients, etc.) and poor HTML5 support. But what it is very good at is compatibility on all LMSs.

                                                                        • 34. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                          RodWard Mythic

                                                                          No one is making light of this issue.  It dogs anyone working in e-learning.  I simply pointed out that the assertion that Captivate is the only tool that hasn't solved this issue is simply NOT true.


                                                                          I've done quite a bit of Googling on this today and find that forums of all tools I came across report the same issue to a greater or lesser extent.  No one claims a definitive solution that will work in ALL circumstances in ALL browsers in ALL LMSs.  Any solution falls short somewhere.


                                                                          A very worthwhile explanation of the nuances of this issue was actually posted several years ago by Claude Ostyn (considered by some to be the "grandfather of SCORM"):


                                                                          In a previous thread I pointed you to a Google group frequented by people that are all world class Javascript and SCORM experts.  I watch that forum too. Even they don't claim to have this issue put to bed.  There are also some JavaScript experts on this Adobe Captivate forum (not me) but I don't see them claiming to have it beat either. 


                                                                          I don't think this is any discredit to their skills or to to the quality of the coding in Captivate.  It's a KNOWN ISSUE with elearning and LMS content in the browser environment.


                                                                          Rage against the injustice of it all if you want.  The universe isn't kind sometimes and there may simply be nothing you can do about it.


                                                                          • 35. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                            Captiv8r Mythic

                                                                            Doug, it was never my intention to "make light" of your situation. I'm pretty sure Rod would say the same thing. I'm sure it's very frustrating for you. All I've ever tried to do here is to point out that (at least to the best of my own understanding) it's not an issue that is easily resolved.


                                                                            But you did make the claim that seemed to openly state that Captivate is the ONLY tool of all of them out there that exhibits this Exit button issue. Admittedly it was refreshing to see Rod point out that not only does another tool actually HAVE the issue you stated it doesn't, but the person trying to help in the thread is answering by basically citing the identical reasons I've been citing for Captivate and being painted as not knowing what I'm talking about when I simply try to explain it.


                                                                            Cheers... Rick

                                                                            • 36. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                              jimitodd Newcomer

                                                                              People have mentioned it hasn't worked for years.

                                                                              The 6 pc's in the office I work in were all working fine until about 6 months ago,

                                                                              then all started failing over a period of 2 weeks.

                                                                              I put it down to a service pack update that had the bug or it seemed to go hand in hand with the release of v6.

                                                                              We are running win xp, win 7 and Mac OS 10.8 with various browsers all have the same issue.


                                                                              Also around that time the spellchecker stopped working, I haven't been able to figure out what causes it to stop working yet.



                                                                              • 37. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                                SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                                                Captiv8r wrote:


                                                                                But you did make the claim that seemed to openly state that Captivate is the ONLY tool of all of them out there that exhibits this Exit button issue. Admittedly it was refreshing to see Rod point out that not only does another tool actually HAVE the issue you stated it doesn't,


                                                                                Hello Rick, If I ever stated that Captivate was the ONLY tool, I am sorry... because I cannot possibly know that for fact. However, my issue was that Rod took the trouble to find a rare thread where a nearly one-time user posted a message about having a problem. That was a misleading link! I've used Lectora for many years on about 15 different LMS's (AICC and all versions of SCORM) and I have never encountered an Exit lesson issue. Furthermore, unlike Captivate, Lectora actually includes a built in EXIT function. Obviously, the Lectora people had enough confidence that it would work in most situations.


                                                                                exit close button.png

                                                                                In Lectora, it really is that simple to use. Assign the On Click Action, "Exit Title/Close Window" and Lectora will send the appropriate LMS commands and close the window. It simply works in almost every situation. The exit type function is also available in many other rapid eLearning tools.


                                                                                Why is Captivate missing such a crucial function?


                                                                                I'm not here to whine about Captivate and compare it to other tools. I goal is that maybe I can help make this a better tool... or for purely selfish reasons, find solutions to my problems so that management agrees that my decision to use Captivate for eLearning was the best one.


                                                                                Perhaps we got off on the wrong track with me getting so emotional about this but seriously, I'm in a real pickle here. I cannot exit my lessons cleanly and therefore reporting isn't working properly.


                                                                                I'd be even happy to, at least, have a solution for forcing an AICC completion string to the LMS. Again, something that doesn't seem very obvious with Captivate.


                                                                                Thank you for reading,


                                                                                • 38. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                                  RodWard Mythic

                                                                                  I reject the idea that I posted a "misleading" link. I found several such threads with even a quick search and posted the one that seemed to contain the most relevant information.  The point was to show that Lectora users also encounter this issue.


                                                                                  As I said, no solution for this issue can be guaranteed to work in all situations, in all browsers, in all LMSs.  And Captivate is NOT the only tool where authors are complaining.


                                                                                  All tools I saw included some kind of Exit button functionality.  Captivate isn't "missing" this functionality.  Like the other tools, it just doesn't work sometimes, especially where LMSs are involved.


                                                                                  We're going round in circles now with issue and I'm tired of repeating myself.  If there were a perfect solution for this issue I would have seen it by now and I would have shared it with this forum the same way I freely give any other information I can to solve issues.


                                                                                  I'm officially DONE with this thread.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Exit button issue in Captivate 5
                                                                                    SeatacDoug Newcomer

                                                                                    Truly sorry if I have offended you.


                                                                                    I was just looking for a solution.


                                                                                    Hopefully someone else will eventually suggest a solution.

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