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    Interactive presentation on Ipad (web/digital publishing?)

    Billygunn111 Level 1

      I currently have to re-design a flash presentation as it doesnt work on the ipad.

      Its pretty simple with simple navigation, slides, video and some swfs I will convert into AVi.


      My question is what is the best software/tools to use for the job?


      I am considering digital publishing in indesign or HTML 5 and would appreciate some advice as to what others would use. 


      I have creative cloud subscription, but looking into it more do I need to pay more for Digital Publishing Suite or can I just do a web version?  I dont need an app or anything, just something that runs on the ipad, mac/pc, ideally option for offline also.


      Below are the requirements

      • Design and setup a interactive presentation (touch, slide screen)
      • Compatible with ipad/mobile devices online and offline.

      • Navigation that works well with touch-screen on ipad, smart phones mac/pc etc


      Preferred additions
      Android tablet devices


      Please advise


      Thanks in advance for your help