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    Myriad Arabic problem

    Peter Leverage

      I'm posting a message here in the hope that someone in a position to do something about my problem might read it. Nearly 2 weeks ago we purchased Myriad Arabic Semibold. When I download it I get Myriad Arabic Bold. I started a chat session with an Adobe rep and they said I need to call customer service, which I did, and they then opened a support case 0208733923. The response in that was that the font we have is semibold but it's called bold, and they closed the case. I think the reason they think that is that the Adobe store for Myriad Arabic Semibold does indeed say



      Postscript File Name:

      MAC Menu Name:
      Myriad Arabic Bold

      Windows/PC Menu Name:
      Myriad Arabic Bold + bold style



      However for Myriad Arabic Bold it says



      Postscript File Name:


      MAC Menu Name:

      Myriad Arabic Semibold

      Windows/PC Menu Name:

      Myriad Arabic Semibold 



      So it seems your system has got Semibold and Bold confused. I double-checked the Myriad Arabic "SemiBold" we downloaded with the Myriad Arabic Bold that comes with CS6 and they are indeed the same fonts. I rang customer service again, who opened another case 208751283 and asked me to outline the problem again, which I did, but the response was to tell me to contact technical support as it's a technical problem and close the case. I've spent around an hour today on the phone trying to get through to someone again without success.


      The result of all this is that nearly 2 weeks after the original order and hours of my time we still don't have the product we ordered.

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          Peter Leverage Level 1

          Well I tried to call technical support again as I was instructed to do, and after waiting around 20 minutes for someone to answer, the call was disconnected. I can't exactly call this first class customer service.

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            MiguelSousa Adobe Employee



            I apologise for the poor customer support experience you were provided. I'm a member of Adobe's Type Development team and we have confirmed that this was a glitch on our end. Therefore I'm sorry for the troubles you had to go through, and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.


            I would like to get this problem fixed for you ASAP. Could you please send me a private message with a phone number I can call you on? Thanks.