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    Output file wrong length




      I am having problems with exporting videos out of After Effects using 'Adobe Media Encoder'


      Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 v5.5.0.2012 (64-bit)

      Adobe After Effects CS5.5 (64-bit)

      Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)


      I have 2 videos on the timeline, one is 11:10:00 and the other is 02:03:00. they are .movs from a Canon DSLR. so i think thats H.264 in a .mov container

      also there is 1 .png file at the start of the video

      The videos are cut down and the whole timeline is 12:49:00


      The compissition is 12:49:00

      but the output file is 11:13:00


      Here you can see the export settings




      The composition settings inside of AE


      and the section of the timeline where the movie ends (11:13:00)

      you can see there is nothing making it stop at this point. The end and start of the 2 videos don't meet at this time



      what could be making it stop short?

      I have gone in and checked the export settings before rendering the video to make sure the time goes to 12:49:00


      the output is a 720p video at 29.97fps



      EDIT: i opend AE and the file i was working on while media encoder was still working on exporting the video and now its stuck, it just says Reading XMP... and the loading bar is doing the stripy moving thing.

      guess i shouldn't open AE while its working :S