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    PRE 9- installed extra content from DVD, but still getting prompt?


      I just installed Premiere Elements 9 from DVD.

      I also installed the second DVD of extra content.


      When I start up the PRE 9 program, I get a prompt warning me to "Install Full Content- a reduced set of content... has been installed. You can install the full content by inserting your content DVD or downloading it."


      Even though I had already installed the second DVD of content (which was a LOT of content!), I put in the DVD again. This time, the installer wanted to REMOVE the content, so I took the disc out before going any further.


      I am not sure if the additional content was successfully installed or not. If so, how do I get rid of that popup prompt?


      When I have a project open in PRE9 and open the Disc Menus tab, there is a dropdown box of menus by filter, including Entertainment, General, Happy Birthday, etc.


      If I click on Entertainment, for example, I have a choice of Art in Motion, Music video, Performance Star, Broadway, Popcorn, or Stage. There is a Main Menu and Scene Menu for each of them. Happy Birthday has Balloons, Birthday Party and Kids Party. Etc.


      Do I have the additional content properly installed, or is there supposed to be more than this? If there is, how do I get the PRE 9 program to recognize what I already installed from that second disc?


      My system:

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      16.0 GB RAM

      AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.20 GHz

      ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series graphics card


      Thanks for all of your help.