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    Can't Enable Email


      I'm going to try to post this here because I'm really needing to access my email.


      Hi all, our site went live last night through BC but now I can't access my email account.  We have 2 email accounts and for some reason, on my account, the ENABLE EMAIL ACCOUNT button is greyed out.  I cannot access my mail through web mail, it says my credentials are incorrect, and I can't set it up through mac mail.  When I set up my email account, I checked "enable email" and hit save many times before moving on but then it doesnt' enable it and now the checkbox is greyed out.  


      I've read through many of the discussions and it looks like this has been an issue in the past but no resolutions.


      Can someone please help ASAP?  This is a business and it's very important for me to be able to get email.


      I've tried signing in using the other user and deleting my account but it said something about, since this user was associated with this account at one time, the information can't be changed.  What's the point of deleting someone then?


      Can someone please help?





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          Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

          Hi Annette,


          What email account is this concerning? 


          If you cannot enable or its being greyed out the MX is most likely not defaulting to BC mail services. 


          Please provide the addtional details needed so we can investigate further.


          Kind regards,


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            ADusa Level 1

            Hi Sidney, I was online with Adobe Chat yesterday and they had to refer it to their "level 2", not sure what that is but they were finally able to resolve the issue early this morning.  This is a portion of the email I received from them, stating what they needed to do:


            It appears that the issue here was related to the fact that you did not have the non-www record for the domain xxxxxx.com. I have since added xxxxxx.com to forward to the default hostname, which is www. xxxxxx.com. Once the non-www record was re-added, it was then possible to navigate to Site Settings > E-Mail Accounts and view the current email users and thus add xxxxx@xxxxx.com as a mail user.


            Thanks for responding, Sidney.






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              Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

              Thanks Annette for the update. 


              Level 2 and 3 is our escalation team that has more access to our system to help troubleshoot more complex issues.  Glad to hear things are up and running for you.