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    E-book download problem


      Im trying to download and e-book from Kobo but the Adobe is cancelling the download as there is an error message appearing which reads Adobe Reader could not open 'URL Link(5).acsm' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged - Can anyone advise me how to get round this problem as I have uninstalled Adobe and re-installed but the problem still occurs.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Editions forum.  You will want to start by obtaining the Adobe Digital Editions software in order to download your ACSM file.  You can find the software at http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/.  Once you have the software installed and the book downloaded you can then transfer the book to your Kobo device.

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            Level 4

            Let me try to help.  I'll assume you're a Windows user.


            To clarify, the .ascm file you're trying to 'download' isn't the ebook.

            It's just a tag file that contains information on where the ebook is

            located, plus some other information about the ebook, including its digital

            rights.  The message you're getting could be trying to tell you more than

            one thing - because, as is the case with many technical messages, the

            download could be blocked for more than one reason.


            The most common reason is't that the file type isn't recognized, or that

            Adobe is not installed correctly.  It's that something else is blocking the

            transfer of the information.  The process is supposed to work so that, when

            you buy the ebook from KOBO, the transfer starts at KOBO, where they create

            the .ascm file and then send a message to your computer to start ADE.  This

            message can trigger your computer's firewall to block it, because the

            firewall settings don't permit another site to run software on your

            computer.  So, the first place you should look is the settings for your

            operating system that control the interface.  Many users here have had

            problems with Windows 7 settings, because they've found out that it has

            some 'hidden' settings which have to be changed, along with those that are



            What else could be happening?  At least two other posters here have

            reported problems with KOBO recently.  So, the website's technical support

            people might be able to look into the issue on their side.  Don't let them

            tell you all is well and that your problem is with that *&$^@ Adobe Digital

            Editions, because almost everyone else has had no problems with ADE when

            they go to KOBO (me included).  It's a long shot, but because problems have

            started to show up with KOBO downloads, something has changed, and it's not



            Another issue: has the file actually been downloaded?  If it has, then you

            could find it on your computer with your computer's utility software

            (Windows Explorer or Control Panel), and then use the 'Open With' function,

            specifying Digital Editions, and the ebook's transfer should take place.

            ADE will add the ebook to your library, and you're set.


            There are additional issues.  One could be that you've already downloaded

            the ebook using a different Adobe ID setup.  In that case, the message is

            telling you that you can't do that again.  A poor message, eh?  Another

            could be that the link between your computer and the Internet has failed -

            or chooses not to work with the KOBO website properly.


            I'd start with the firewall/security settings.  Hope this helps!


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              This sounds similar to my problem. I purchased a book from booktopia which directed me to Abode.I have been unable to authorise my PC or Kobo glo in spite of having spent hours repeatedly trying. I do not have the technical ability to go any further with this. But via face book I will advise people not to purchase ebooks from booktopia or to use Abode. I have never seen anything so complicated to access a $20 book.

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                aidanm1841465 Level 1

                I have already downloaded abode digital editions and my purchased book is in there I am simply unable to transfer it to my Kobo glo.I will now go to a normal Ebook retailer and pay again for the book I already have.