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    Master vanishes on playback - WT?


      CP6 - WinXP


      Created 6 presentations, all look fine as slides - preview or publish and at some point the background master just stops appearing. What Gives???


      Funny thing is all slides use the same master and when it vanishes it seems like it tries to load and then fades out.


      Tried reapplying the master - no joy


      All slides have "transition" set to fade - if I remove fade transition the backgound master does not fade out, but remains. What would cause this to happen on certian slides and not others.






      Sorry for yelling other users, but I'm not trying to build a rocket here, I'm simply trying to use a product and "simple" features within that product and simply put the product is not working as advertised. Complete BS!


      Any insight would be helpful.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My observation would be that it's usually prudent to wait until AFTER you've established that the product is indeed at fault before you start hurling insults.


          Can you show some screenshots of the timeline of your Master Slide and one of the slides where the issue is occuring?  That may offer some more information to help with debugging this issue.

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            alkemist Level 1

            Ron --


            i understand, however, when after 2hrs otp with adobe support and my trouble shooting for 8 hrs - and no solution - then it's most likely product fault!


            the master slide consists of a jpg and a title box


            the problem happens on random slides, so one slide might be fine and then not fine minutes later - please note that all the slides use the same master, have the same transition and actions

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              alkemist Level 1

              Solution Found - How to setup a backgound slide - 101


              Ok all - what has been found is that it's really easy to confuse CP6 and how it draws to the screen. The above problem came from setting up the masters "incorrectly" and then applying them to the slides. Now please remember, the problem I had was jumping around from slide to slide and never consistent.


              Anyway - if you place an image on a master as a background, it is NOT the same as "setting the master background" by selecting an image as the background - so as CP6 draws the screen it will either keep or disgard the layers - so certian slides will be correct and others will be wrong - and since it is completely random the right and wrong screens will keep changing.


              So be sure to look at how your masters are setup and that options you have checked for each individual slide in the properties window...... now I guess I need to tell adobe what I have found as they are still looking into the matter at higher level tech support.

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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Methinks it might also be appropriate to apologise for yelling at Adobe and inferring their product was 'BS'.  You may one day need to come back here and get help with another issue and it certainly pays to build up the goodwill.

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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  +1 Rod! I never feel compelled to answer people who start yelling at the program before they checked everything (ignoring the beam in one's eye while seeing the splinter in Adobe's eye - freely translated a Dutch expression).