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    Adobe X: How to keep automatic detection on page size?


      Hi there!


      I have a high speed duplex Canon scanner, and have recently upgraded to adobe acrobat X. When using acrobat 8, the program automatically detected the page size, and rendered the scanned image to that size.


      In acrobat X, I have check marked the same option of auomatically detecting the page size, but when I run the scan the program keeps defaulting to 8X11, and not autocropping the size as it used to do in version 8. Version X is actually adding a small black bar at the end of the actual paper page, and then adding additional space at the bottom to make the image 8X11. So it looks like the program knows where the edge of the paper document is... It's just automatically adding in the difference.


      Is there some step I am missing here, or is this a known bug of some kind??


      Any help appreciated!! I am getting behind in my batches....

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          Tonio Wan

          I was having a similar problem with printing (not scanning) and this is what I did.  I used Adobe Acrobat X v10.1.4

          Go to File -> Properties

          Go to the Advanced tab

          Check the "Paper Source by Page Size" box and hit "OK"


          This might not work for scanning but it did work for my printing problem.  Now I can save that setting on each document and the receiving party will always print on the right size.