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    x264 and h264 Editing premire -Not working-

    Tuexnovia Level 1

      Hi guys after 3 days checking codecs setting and so on, eventually I found this codec x264vfw and I used it to record few gameplay with a excellent results, I did even a Video tutorial for youtube, and at the end of the day I found that editing the videos in Premiere they basically don't work. O MY GOD I can't believe it, I found a solution of 300 dollars to use the codec in Premiere is just crazy...


      Guys can you help me or tell me what can I do, because I love that codec with dxtory works really good, but when I try to edit it in Premiere I can't do it properly is like a mix in there you can't see the video properly everything is mixed and so on, and is because of the codec, because when I watch the video in media player classic is just perfect.



      Can someone tell me what can I do, or if there is a solution Thanks...



      If you know of another codec that works good I'll take it but I want something reasonable. Not Dxtory's codec 200Gb 5 minutes, is stupid and besides it doesn't work with premiere it let you edit the video but you can't export it.






      EDIT: I tried THE CODEC H264 also and is better but it does the same I can't believe it.




      Well any help will be grateful. THANKS.


      WOW I found the same problem than mine HERE.