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    Acrobat CC CS6 closes shortly after opening

    cathykimball Newcomer

      To add to my problems in Creative Cloud CS6 - Acrobat, today everytime I open a pdf it stays open for about 10 seconds and then automatically closes. I have never experienced this before. Is this more of the new & improved version?


      This just started today.

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          mjarrott Pioneer

          Hi Cathy,


          Do you get any dialog box after it closes? And is your Acrobat closing, or just the file you have open?

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            cathykimball Newcomer

            No dialog box it just fades out. And it happens when I view after creating the pdf from InDesign and also if I go to the pdf and open with Acrobat.


            I always like to check the output preview but cannot get through it before the file fades out. Very frustrating, especially since I have a lot of work to get out today.

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              mjarrott Pioneer

              What version are you using, and what type of machine are you working on?


              Have you checked for any Acrobat updates? Help > Check for updates


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                cathykimball Newcomer

                I am using Acrobat X, InDesign CS6, Creative Cloud. I am using Windows 7 professional.


                This behavior did not start until today although I have been having other issues with the Creative Cloud CS6 and especially how it interacts with Acrobat. I am wondering if they are trying to "fix" the other issues. I have not been asked to update the software though so, unless they can update it automatically that should not be the issue.

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                  mjarrott Pioneer

                  So, this thread sounds similar to your problem... these people describe a pdf opening, closing immediately, and after that Acrobat will not run anymore. (May or may not be the same problem you're having). Here is the solution from that thread:




                  Please view transcript


                  Raghu: Hi Matt .

                  Raghu: I have received your query. Please allow me a moment to verify your account and to review the details of your request.

                  Raghu: I  understand that you are unable to open Acrobat X on Windows 7.

                  Raghu: Am I correct ?

                  Matt Lok: yes but it worked before

                  Matt Lok: and all the other apps on the cs6 master suite works

                  Raghu: Okay, I'll be glad to assist you with that.

                  Raghu: Please navigate to C:\program files(X86)\Common files\Adobe\Adobe PCD.

                  Matt Lok: ok

                  Raghu: Open Cache folder.

                  Matt Lok: ok i see 1 file - cache.db

                  Raghu: Please move it to desktop.

                  Matt Lok: ok done

                  Raghu: Please open Photoshop from CS 6 suite.

                  Matt Lok: ok i opened the x64 version of photoshop

                  Raghu: Click on 'Help' > 'deactivate'.

                  Matt Lok: ok it's deactivated

                  Raghu: Please close it and open it back and activate it.

                  Matt Lok: ok i signed in to the adobe account and then it launched photoshop

                  Matt Lok: deactivated is greyed out

                  Raghu: Okay fine, please open Acrobat X now.

                  Matt Lok: ok i opened it and now it said 30 day trial

                  Raghu: Do you have the option for 'License this software' ?

                  Matt Lok: yes

                  Raghu: Click on that please.

                  Raghu: Any issues ?

                  Matt Lok: i just did the activation

                  Raghu: Okay please let me know if any issues.

                  Raghu: Are we still connected ?

                  Matt Lok: yes

                  Matt Lok: just testing

                  Matt Lok: it seems to be ok

                  Raghu: Great.

                  Matt Lok: but is this a permanant fix

                  Matt Lok: or do i have to do this again later

                  Raghu: Please close Acrobat X and open it to test once again.

                  Matt Lok: seems to be ok now

                  Raghu: This is a permanent fix Matt.

                  Raghu: Acrobat X will work without any issues.

                  Matt Lok: ok great

                  Raghu: No need to worry about it.

                  Raghu: Is there anything else I can help you with?

                  Matt Lok: that's about it, everything else works 100%. Thanks again for helping




                  I hope this helps you out,


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                    cathykimball Newcomer

                    No this is the OTHER problem I was referring to with Creative Cloud CS6. I spent may hours on the phone with support and Tech help before they told me that it is a known issue. In that case, since for some reason Creative Cloud requires you to activate all the software over and over (approx once a day) when ever it causes Acrobat to stop working you have to close out of everything you are doing and sometimes restart your computer and then re-activate one of the programs to get Acrobat so it will work again.


                    With that issue Acrobat closes down and you cannot use it again until your do the activation dance. Here you can create the pdf, open it either by clicking to view after opening or by opening Acrobat and opening the pdf from there. The problem is that after it is open it stays open for a few seconds and then fades away taking Acrobat along with it. You can open Acrobat and/or the pdf again but with the same results.

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                      cathykimball Newcomer

                      For those who experience this problem, yet another "Known Issue" here is the fix I got from support:


                      Srinivasan Balan: Please navigate to C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache and rename Cache file inside the Cache folder.


                      Srinivasan Balan: Please rename it to Cache.db_old


                      Cathy: OK

                      Cathy: What next?


                      Srinivasan Balan: Now, please login to your Creative cloud account and launch Illustrator and click on License this software.


                      Cathy: It did not require activation this time, already activated it earlier today.


                      Srinivasan Balan: Okay.


                      Srinivasan Balan: Now, please try to launch Acrobat and try to use and check if it works fine.


                      Cathy: This time it was Acrobat that required to be activated. After that it did seem to work OK.


                      Srinivasan Balan: May I know if the issue is resolved now?


                      Cathy: Am I going to have to go through this to use Acrobat every time now?


                      Srinivasan Balan: No, you will not be facing the issue again, you can go ahead and start using the product.


                      Cathy: Is this yet another "known Issue" with CC CS6?


                      Cathy: thank you



                      This did work for now. Just another work day and a number of billable hours down the drain due to the wonderful Creative Cloud.


                      Cancel the above. That worked for about 5 minutes and then I was back to the instantly disappearing Acrobat.


                      This is rediculous! The Cloud Subscription should not have been launched before it was tested.

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                        mjarrott Pioneer

                        The engineering team here at Adobe have resolved the issue. Follow these steps and it should correct the problem with Acrobat.


                        • Deactivate one of the other CS6 products (such as Photoshop CS6) on the system by going to Help > Deactivate
                        • Reboot the computer
                        • Reactivate the prior CS6 product by signing in with your Adobe ID
                        • Acrobat X should launch successfully


                        I hope your frustrations disappear!



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                          cathykimball Newcomer

                          It seems to be working after following this process. I will withhold judgement untill I have gone a while using it without problem.


                          I worry that since we have to continuously activate the CS6 products that this issue or related ones will crop up again.


                          I would definitely not want to make this part of my regular workflow whenever I need to access a pdf.